NVQ Level 2 Tiling Courses | 4 Week Tiling NVQ Level 2

NVQ Tiling Courses | 4 Week Tiling NVQ Level 2


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NVQ Level 2 Tiling Courses, NVQ Level 2 Tiling Assessments. Gaining full nvq level 2 qualifications for wall and floor tiling QUA 850 enabling you to get your cscs card. Our NVQ Level 2 Tiling Courses are hands On courses

Our 4 Week NVQ Wall and Floor Tiling Courses are designed to give you a good understanding in all areas of tiling whether you are a total beginner or someone who has some knowledge of tiling. It is our responsibility to instil confidence in all that you achieve and learn throughout your course.

Goldtrowel wall and floor Tiling courses are intensive, "hands on" practical courses.

By taking your NVQ Level 2 training and assessments in wall and floor tiling at Goldtrowel, you can be assured the 4 weeks will be full and intense to help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence you will need to achieve a full NVQ Level 2. We pride ourselves in our exceptional high standards.

This course is a 4 week Advanced Wall & Floor Tiling Training Course, that will include full training up to and beyond the requirements for level 2 NVQ, there will be NO additional payments for assessments, NVQ paperwork or registrations.

No experience or criteria required for this course.

You will develop Tiling skills which will give you the confidence and knowledge to successfully complete tiling jobs in the industry, including training you to write Quotations, Invoices and price work. We also offer full aftercare support on completion of your training. We have a maximum of 8 persons at any time on the tiling course, each student will be allocated their own bay/room, all tools and materials are supplied whilst on your course, we do also have our own discounted tool shop onsite if required.

You will see that we have clearly displayed "lesson plans" so you know what training you will be receiving during your course.

As a City & Guilds and NVQ Approved Tiling Centre, with Assessors and Internal Verifiers on site, you can be assured that equal training and facilities will be offered to everyone attending all courses. Our Tiling Instructors take pride in their skills and are keen to pass their knowledge onto others who are eager to make a start in the tiling industry.

Week 1 - Introduction into Tiling (Learning to tile)

Your first 5 days Monday - Friday Wall and Floor Tiling training will introduce you to Tools, H&S, Adhesives, Trowels, Backgrounds, Tile types, Fixing techniques, Trim, Borders, Grouting, Setting out, Mastics, Tanking Systems, Levelling compounds and Under floor heating, you will be applying the above to walls and floors, with explanations and demonstrations.

  • Introduction.
  • Preparation, types & characteristics of backgrounds / substrates.
  • How to cope with tiling difficult areas such as uneven walls.
  • Service conditions.
  • Trowel types and uses.
  • British Standards
  • Tiles types and differences.
  • Adhesive differences and characteristics
  • Hand Tool types and uses.
  • Setting-out techniques.
  • Power tools and electronic tools.
  • Cutting tiles using wet tile cutters, dry tile cutters, tile scribes, tile snips and tile saws. Explaining tiling scenario`s involving Borders, Diamonds and Patterns.
  • How to cut around windows and reveals.
  • Trim / Expansion types.
  • Grout technology
  • All the above for Floors
  • Floor levelling
  • Tanking (waterproofing)

Week 2: Developing your Tiling Skills

Your second week Monday - Friday Wall and Floor Tiling will develop your skills learnt in week 1, you will be given a new room with added obstacles and advanced training, building on our first week tackling bigger areas, and covering more in-depth work, incorporating complete bathroom and kitchen obstacles.

Week 3: Advancing your Tiling Skills
Your third week Monday - Friday Wall and Floor Tiling will advance your skills learnt in weeks 1 and 2, whilst allowing you to concentrate in your weaker area`s of tiling, you will also learn valuble skills required for many tiling jobs.

  • Floor screeding
  • Rendering/Floating Internal walls
  • Pricing
  • Setting up self employed

Week 4: NVQ Portfolio and guidance

Your fourth week will be focused on training required for your NVQ, and will include various learning about building site work and HSE legislation, listed below are the compulsory units required to achieve your NVQ level 2 in Wall & Floor Tiling.

QCF 641 Conform to General Workplace Safety

  • Awareness of relevant current statutory requirements and official guidance.
  • Personal responsibilties relating to workplace safety, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and compliance with warning/safety signs.
  • Personal behaviour in the workplace.
  • Security in the workplace.

QCF 642 Conform to Efficient Work Practices

  • Planning
  • Organising
  • working with others
  • Communication skills

QCF 643 Move and Handle Resources

  • Selecting materials, components and equipment.
  • Handling, moving and storage of materials and components.
  • Risks associated with materials
  • Charactaristics and limitations of materials

QCF 141v2 Prepare Backgrounds for Tiling

  • Preparing new and/or existing solid and manufactured board backgrounds to receive wall and floor tiling.

QCF 142v2 Tile Wall and Floor Structures

  • Laying wall and floor tiles to vertical, horizontal and inclined surfaces

These qualifications (NVQs /QCF) focus on practical skills and knowledge. Developed and approved by people who work in the industry, they are a great way to get into construction or to boost your career by developing new skills and knowledge through the assessment of work based competence.

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  • NVQ Tiling Courses | 4 Week Tiling NVQ Level 2
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  • NVQ Tiling Courses | 4 Week Tiling NVQ Level 2
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