Microcement Courses - 5 Day Microcement Courses


Tadelakt is also incorporated into this fantastic course


Microcement Courses. These Microcement Courses are full on hands on 5 Day Microcement Courses. Designed to be challenging and bespoke Micro Cement Courses. We have also included into this course Tadelakt as both of these sytems run parrallel to each other which is another string to the bow.






This Microcement 5 Day Course is for students wishing to get creative and learn in a freindly environment that will bring the best out of each individual.

You are also invited to bring any tables, Furniture etc to the Course so you can apply Microcement to a range of various surfaces. This course is very bespoke, Intensive and only 5 Students can at anyone time be on this unique course.

During this Course you will also have the following:

1. Your own Room

2. Window Reveals

3. External Angles

4. Bespoke Furniture (Need to Bring)

5. Your own rooms to apply Microcement and Tadelakt Installations




• Introduction

• Product History and Technical Data

• Tools, Mixing

• Site Preparation

• Application of Primers and base coats

• Review the core products of the Micro Cement system

• Identifying the different substrate and preparations needed

• Testing of understanding of the products

• Application of  Microcement Colouring systems to walls and Bespoke Furniture / Application of Tadelakt 

• Application of Sealers

• Course Summary.

• Presentation of certificates



Our training courses are second to none, better than tiles and

longer lasting.

On successful completion of your Microcement Course

You will be presented with an Approved Installer / Applicator Certificate.

You will also receive Colour catalogue and colour fan chart on your course


Key features:

• Bonds directly on almost any hard surface

• Can be applied directly on existing substrate and allows a remodel

without removal

• Available in over 1’000 UV-resistant colours

• Waterproof

• These finishes are suitable for use in areas where you want natural

materials and simple lines. For this reason, it is ideal for a minimalist

environment because of smooth uninterrupted continuity.

• We have combined an application technique with a flooring material to

achieve an excellent compromise which retains the aesthetics of

antique concrete while adding the durability of modern day living


• Our training will cover substrates, primers application methods, special

effects and sealing the flooring products over a 2 day period.

This course creates the aspect of polished concrete easily,

with the application of thin but extremely durable decorative layers, applied

with a trowel over existing wooden, concrete and ceramic flooring.

In this course you will be learning various finishes.


Systems for flooring and wall applications, stains and sealers, this is a great

course for use anywhere including wet rooms, for domestic and commercial


These products can be applied over almost any existing hard surface.

• Tiles and ceramics, avoiding the need of removal

• Old concrete walls & smooth floors

• Bathrooms, countertops, showers & wet rooms

• Walls of gypsum & plasterboard

• Concrete stairs & furniture



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  • Monday 13th September 2021 - Friday 17th September 2021
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