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Venetian Plastering Courses, 5 day Venetian Plastering, Training Courses and facilities are the best for this delivery.  No other Training provider in the UK offers what we can, its a fact..

We now have a New Venetian Plastering Centre

The following has been added:

6 x Walls ranging from 22 sqm - 44 Sqm

New working areas meaning everyone has there own room of approx 16 sqm with challenging areas within. Window areas, Various offset external angles and many more featrues.


This course is one not to be missed.








PLEASE NOTE: We know our craft and some providers claim they do Venetian Plastering Training. Please click on the link below as you can have peace of mind that your Intsructor leads by example not some pony sample board that makes you think that by doing a sample that you can then go out and complete projects. Quite simple it's wrong.




We are the only Venetian Plastering Centre in the UK that offers a Qualification Route for Applicators.





It has taken over 14 years to be where we are in Venetian Marble Plastering Courses.


We offer serious training, materials are on tap so you gain so much competence and confidence which enables you to market and sell your company to many clients.

No other Provider offers what we do and they know it. What you should do is visit them and see for yourself as many trade out of small units and back garages.

 We have an amazing Polished Plaster Showroom designed for past and present students and clients to see what the latest trends in Decorative Finishes are available.




Please feel free to contact us anytime.







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This 5 day Venetian Marble Plastering Course  Level 2 will enable you to get some serious meterage done in our School of Excellence. You will complete Massive Walled areas using a vast array of Marmorino and Super Gloss finishes known as Venetian Marble and also many metallic finishes. Many other providers use acrylic.

At Goldtrowel you will use Venetian Marble of the highest quality during your course.

You will also  receive during your course a wide range of Catalogues, Authentic Application data for all products used.

We have in excess of 200 sqm Of Area for you to get it right. Challenging but most importantly "HANDS ON" 


Goldtrowel is far more experienced than any other training provider within the UK in Polished Plastering Training and applications. We don't bring in outside Companies to do the training at all and advertise WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE.

QUESTION: When enquiring, ask to speak to the Instructor and ask them to explain exactly what you will cover on your course.

We are here 24/7 and my details are on our Homepage

We are 100% Uks No1 Polished Plastering / Venetian Marble Plastering Centre 


 Be Inspired to Learn with us

We do have the the Experience and it cannot categorically get any better.


Adam (below) successfully completed 22 Metre wall in Spatula Classico (Venezia Fine)




  • There are many providers in the UK that offer these courses but they do not offer what we do. If you are not doing at least 25 metres to 50 meters depending on the course that you choose then you are not going to cope with large areas when you come to work in the 'real world', at the end of the day, thats what matters. You will have the confidence to take on any job.
  • We offer FAR MORE than a 6ft x 3ft (2sqm) piece of plasterboard, in fact you will get to work on your own room, which is approximately 25  Metres. Larger still if you are on a longer course.
  •  Let me reassure you that there is a lot of misleading information out there about " Polished Plastering" etc.. It is actually called Venetian (Veneziano)  Marble Plastering. Our products are Authentic and we do know what we are talking about.
  • Trust in your Training at Goldtrowel, it will change your life. You will learn "The Right Way"
  • Why not pop in and see for yourself.
  • You will also recieve Marble Plastering DVDs upon booking any of these courses.
  • Course reviews

On successful completion of your course you will be awarded with an Approved Italian Polished Plastering Applicators Certificate.

There are no hidden strings just endless amounts of area. You work on Internal and External angles, everything you will find in the normal domestic household or commercial property. We have dedicated teachers to guide you through this very intensive course. Seeing is believing in what you can and will achieve. We take great pride and have endless amounts of experience, knowledge,using the best products.

Information and History

      Venetian Plaster :- is an Old World technique that starts with limestone rocks from rivers or quarries.  By the use of heat, water and time, the limestone is turned into an amazing lime putty.  Mixed with such colorants as ground marble dust, and applied via steel trowels with refined techniques, Venetian Plaster turns an ordinary wall or ceiling into a masterpiece.

      Although some Venetian Plasters are polished or burnished with a sheen, techniques have been developed to give a multitude of different effects from suede to marble to stone.  It is through the artisans imagination and the refinement of technique that truly wonderful effects are created.

Venetian Marble Plastering Course Structure using 15 Different Veneziano Products

All  Basecoats and topcoats are completed by using Venetian Marble Plaster.


  •     Preparation of all areas followed by application of all basecoats ( Approximately 22 Finishes completed by you ) plus other walled areas.


  •      Application of 1st  Colour coats


  •      Application of 2nd & 3rd Colour coats


  •      Application of 4th &  and final 5th Colour coat to burnish


  •     Application of various waxes for waterproofing wet areas etc...
  •     Clarification of all applications and presentation of course certificates.

During this 5 day Venetian marble plastering course, you will cover so many finishes  it will take your breath away.

  • We are on various dvds doing what we do best. We not only provide training but we have the experience to show you the right techniques and lead you the way during this course. Some people call this polished plastering, the real name is venetiano marble plastering.
  • This is a unique opportunity for those personnel wishing to gain more confidence when carrying out venetian marble polished plastering whether commercially or domestically. This course will give you so much extra in every shape and form in art of Venetian Marble plastering.
  • Our Training courses are second to none, this one cannot be missed. Feel free to visit us you will see for yourself. On completion of the course you will be given full after care support whether by phone or by using our forum, thats what we do best.
  • Our products are brought in from Italy, Fine and Course grain in order for you to get a perfect finish. Our waxes are waterproof, of high concentrate, we carry a Zero rating fire certificate with all our products which not many suppliers are aware of under UK Law.
  • You will be using many colours whilst on course. Starting from priming to first day base coats. Our primer can be 1st coat basecoat within 30 minutes.
  • In the UK many companies offering Venetian Marble products have NO authenticity. Our products are Authentic,Top Quality and give beautiful results.
  • Our products are labelled,understood and have no hidden binders. Why buy a product without having clarity of what you are using...?
  • You will mix all materials whilst on course to understand how important the process is and to gain a full understanding of how to use these materials.
  • You cannot complete Venetian Marble Plastering using 5 coat application in 2 or 3 days. Using our waxes makes all venetian products waterproof.

What Can We Do For You?

  •     LISTEN to what you want  
  •     Help you create bespoke wall, ceiling and floor finishes for your project 
  •     Provide you with samples
  •     Arrange on-site consultations to discuss your requirements
  •     Offer advice on textures and colours
  •     Give you costing regarding your project
  •     Complete the application to the agreed time scale and quality you expect
  •     Use environmentally friendly products

Venetian Marble Plastering Courses - UKs No1 Centre

Our Venetian Marble Plastering Courses are No1 in the UK.. We feel that no other training centre offers what we do," The complete package". Our Venetian Marble courses, training and facilities are the best for this delivery in venetian marble plastering... We are on various dvds doing what we do best. There are many Centres saying that they offer this but have little Or No experience at all. We are the only  Company in the UK and based in Essex, that offers real life experience and Training. Just look through our website to see the students that I have personally trained with their websites and quality of work, that to me is success in itself.
We have a large selection of Venetian Decorative Plasters and Paint Finishes from Italy's Main Producer COVERIT. Coverit are the main manufacturers in all Polished Plasters for over 44 years. They also distribute to other Italian Companies who then rebrand into the UK.

We have a New 22 Metre Wall to hit in our amazing Finishes.



 Travertino Banded with Classico


Lukasz achieving Banded Travertino with Banded Polished Classico

Question: Does your course provider offer you Dvd's and loads of meterage and full support forever? We do your trainer is in them
Question: If you can smell a strong odour the chances are that it has a binding agent in, which also creates delam and most importantly indicates that the products have been played around with and are not genuine? Ours are Authentic and Guaranteed

  • Polished Plaster is another name for Venetian plaster (Italian: Stucco Veneziano). At Goldtrowel it's the quality of the material, experience and the knowledge of the applicator. My goal is to provide our students who train with us the best of both.
  • For tutorials please visit this link

                                                   Tadelakt Courses 

Look at our Polished Plaster Interior Design website.

Tools Supplier in Italy

Work done from previous students who have trained with Goldtrowel

  • There are many providers in the UK that offer these courses but they do not offer what we do. If you are not doing at least 15 metres to 50 meters depending on the course that you choose then you are not going to cope with large areas, and at the end of the day thats what matters.
  • We offer FAR MORE than a 6ft x 3ft (2sqm) piece of plasterboard, in fact you do your own room, which is approximately 15  Metres per student and more on longer courses.
  •  Let me reassure you that it is misleading out on the Market about " Polished Plastering" etc.. But it's actually called Venetian (Veneziano)  Marble Plastering* Our products are Authentic and we do know what we are talking about.
  • Trust your Training at Goldtrowel it will change your life. You will learn "The Right Way"
  • Why not pop in and see for yourself.
  • You will also recieve a Marble Plastering DVDs upon booking any of these courses.
  • All our products are supplied by Venezia Stucco
  • Course reviews

We have a selection of  fininshes in Venetian called Tadelakt, Travertino, Dolomite, Palladiano, Coccio, Calcite, Michealangelo and Comete incorporated in our Courses and we believe they are some of the best finshes in the UK.

  • The only Training Centre in the UK that offers the Best Training, experience and most of all, at the end of a phone when needed.
  • We advise all potential students to visit us, visit youtube and also to carefully consider what you expect from your course.
  • A room is what you complete.
  • I Guarantee a Life & Career Changing Experience.

What Finishes do I cover during my Courses?

  • Classico Finishes - Spatula Stuhhi - Classico is the Supreme Polished Plaster
  • Carrara Finishes
  • Pitted Carrara Finishes
  • Dragged Carrara Finishes
  • Washed Classico Finishes
  • Travertino
  • Michaelangelo
  • Dolomite
  • Comete
  • Calcite
  • Intona
  • Nano Finshes 
  • 24/7 Mettalic Finishes
  • Crackle
  • Pitted Mettalic
  • Vesuvio
  • Tadelakt

      For materials please visit Venezia Stucco

On completion of the course you will see just how well five hard days have developed your skills by having the best training supplied and delivered in a professional facility.

Venetian marble plastering is a fine finish for ceilings and walls.
Goldtrowel training courses for Venetian marble plastering are based in Essex England
or you can buy the polished plaster DVD

Our Centre of Excellence cannot be beaten for their delivery and professionalism and most of all  our wealth of experience. We havent just received training over the years, we actually do it for a living so we know what we are talking about. NVQ Level 3 QCF79 optional Unit is also available.

Our finishes, using Marmorino Carrara and Classic through to metallic finishes are as good as it gets. Our waxes are waterproof. We are suppliers to the uk. No-one else can supply the same quality of material to commercial and that of domestic.

Since Goldtrowel was established, we have moved forward in this delivery.

We have always said visit us and you will always book with us. Why? because of what we offer. What is the point of completing small boards, when what you require is big areas to feel confident and competent. Theres nothing worse than trying to do a job for only to realise that you will loose it if you cannot complete the meterage that is to be done.

Theres no misleading on our course just vast areas for you to learn.


For materials visit Venezia Stucco


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