Goldtrowel Plastering School of Excellence

Goldtrowel Plastering School of Excellence is a City & Guilds and NVQ Self Certificating Approved Centres of Excellence in Construction Courses, Training and Assessments in NVQ levels 1, 2 and Level 3. Centre Numbers 008609 & 12570

Goldtrowel has a proud 22 year history of Training and Assessing Candidates for fully accredited NVQs and City & Guilds qualifications in the Construction Industries. Based conveniently in Stapleford Abbotts, 5 minutes from Junction 28 of the M25, our centre in Essex can provide flexible, specialised and tailored Training Solutions to cater for our Clients individual needs.

Goldtrowel is the only training provider in Essex to deliver training  for NVQ in Plastering,Tiling, Bricklaying, Block Paving and Marble Plastering. If this information has given you an appetite to learn something new please feel free to watch this video


Definition of Standards of Training



Goldtrowel Plastering Organisation offer more than any other Training Centre.



  • Professional Instruction.
  • Prior to your plastering course 5 /10 day or NVQ Level 2 or your City and Guilds Plastering course you are sent 3 tutorial films with 8 chapters of solid plastering to study.
  • You have free access to the plasterers training manual to help with the pre-course examination.
  • You have the oppurtunity of advancement with advanced courses at a discounted cost.
  • We not only teach you how to plaster but can help with your buisness start up.
  • You have lifetime membership to the plasterers forums to help before or after the course.
  • You have after course support by email and or telephone.
  • Course content NVQ level 2 NVQ2/GCA.

The plastering films part 1 and 2 last for approx 2 hours and have 8 chapters between them. Available on DVD they are complimented with a graphical training manual that illustrates all aspects of solid plastering. The film Perfect Skimming part one on DVD lasts 50 minutes and is the best film ever produced for plastering tuition.

So before you have even reached the training centre you would already have a very good working knowledge not just with plastering but with carrying out quantity surveys, pricing jobs, material types and more.....

The training centre is purpose built with life size rooms (bays) not broom cupboards, some walls measuring 5.5 metres long, maybe you have a specific requirement ie, your a chippie working with loft conversions, then we have curved barrel ceilings for you.
Our car park is large, free and secure.

Can we really teach you to plaster in such short time? Yes

We have a unique tried and tested system that works.

'Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn'  Benjamin Franklin.

Options for learning plastering.
If you are young enough without financial responsibility find an apprenticeship.
Work for a local plasterer as a labourer showing commitment and the will to learn.

Complete the Goldtrowel intensive certified plastering course.
Goldtrowel has been around for more than 25 years within the plastering industry.

Based in Essex England a plastering company specialising in plastering systems and carrying out contracts worldwide for commercial, and domestic plastering.

In the 80s our plasterers were earning an average 1,100.00 per week.
We have employed hundreds of plasterers and trained hundreds of apprentices.

The problems we faced were that after investing time and training into apprentices they would then leave to find there own pot of gold under the rainbow.

One of our main concerns with the self employed plastering industry was the lack of solidarity (this is not meant to offend existing plasterers). What we mean is that year in and year out you would calculate your outgoing expenses and find that Companies like Insurance and Advertising etc.. would without propr notice hike up their costs and then call this their annual increase. Self employed tradesmen would be getting a raw deal and due to lack of communication and guidance from existing so called federations and organisations would be left in the cold.

Yet some plasterers would price a contract at a price they would have worked for 10 years earlier, so we took it upon ourselves to set up the Goldtrowel organisation that would set a floor level as to the minimum amount of money a plasterer should be paid and or work for.

As of 2003 - 2004 the minimum amount of money a Goldtrowel plasterer should work for is 1,000.00 per week.

We certainly would not pay a Plasterer Less! Goldtrowel was developed by plasterers, with that in mind this also benefits the customer as to the quality of work they should expect.

Dear Enquirer,
If you are a new plasterer then this would be probably the best option to take as well as the most cost effective. (I am a little bias!)
In comparison to courses that cost hundreds of pounds that last for a few days you have to ask would you really remember everything taught a few weeks or months down the line.
Secondly would you in a few short days cover the chapters within our films.

Films plastering tutorials solid plastering parts 1 & 2

  • Plasterboarding (room, ceilings and walls)
  • Skimming boarding (room, ceilings, walls and beading)
  • Float and set (room walls, over blockwork flat and level)
  • Repairs and making good (a large part of plastering)
  • Glue (pva) and skim (real home ceiling over artex, very common over domestic work)
  • Glue (pva) float and set (straightening out a wall in a domestic situation, flat, level and finished)
  • Coving (how to cove a room internal and external angles pls caps)
  • Floor screeding (finishing the room with the floor, how to set the screed levels)

Film perfect skimming
A fantastic tutorial that really takes you to full understanding of the procedures method and techniques required.

How are we different?
Firstly we do not charge hundreds of pounds for a sticker for your van.
To attain certified membership you must pass an examination that will prove to the Goldtrowel organisation that you have attained the knowledge to be not only a plasterer but also more importantly a self employed plasterer, to carry out surveys and price works accordingly.

At Goldtrowel we offer members plastering training downloads.
This is so people with internet availibilty who have made a purchase of our DVD can then freely download the training manual in pdf format and either store on their hardrive or print off.
They can also download the examination and review the examination prior to entering the exam.
After watching and studying the films and reading through the manual the student can decide if they are ready for the exam.
When ready they can either:

  • Email the answers
  • Post the answers
  • Or bring along to the centre

There is no other organisation in any industry that offers members close to the above.

Good grounding for self employed?
The first chapter in the first film takes you to surveys when plasterboarding, every chapter is to begin with a survey, this is so you can work out materials required, costing of materials, length of time to complete the task and how much you would like to earn.
The training manual will give you TRUE coverage per m2 and not what the manufacturer would use in their sales promotion, because their are outstanding differences, as the tests carried out by manufacturers are what we could describe as laboratory conditions, by this we mean the wall was initially level with no hollows or bulges.
In the real world either the work is refurbishment or the real bricklayer may have an off day.
There is a saying "The boys in white will put it right" as we are toward the end of the line in construction this is a regular occurence and part and parcel of plastering.

The film shows how to get walls not only finished to a high standard, but also more importantly and often forgot level and flat, its nice to have a good finish but if the owner decides 6 months down the line to tile the walls then flat and level will be more important.

Best Regards

Andy Marshall 


Goldtrowel Academy