Australian Trade Assessments | Plastering | Bricklaying

Australian Trade Assessments | Plastering | Bricklaying

Plastering and Tiling via assessment at Goldtrowel is now available for those people wishing to imigrate to Australia.
Using our facilities and working with Australian Work Force Training will assess and make your transition as smoothly as possible in order for you to live and work in Australia.

What is RPL?

Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is also referred to as Recognition of Current Competence. These two terms essentially mean the same thing. RPL means recognition of competencies you currently hold regardless of how, where or when the learning took place. RCC recognises the importance of prior learning being current within industry procedures and standards. For example skills learned in the construction industry 20 years ago would be very different to skills and knowledge learned today in regard to industry practice, technology, Occupational Health & Safety, and industrial and workplace relations.

Competencies and outcomes may be achieved in a variety of ways. This could include a combination of formal and/or informal training, work experiences and general life experiences. Evidence needed to confirm these competencies could include certification of courses, references from previous employers, and evidentiary samples of your work. The assessor will have to verify that this evidence is authentic, current, reliable and sufficient to grant RPL or RCC.
Assessor's need to be confident that the candidate's competencies are adequate to match current industry standards or outcomes which are specified in the accredited courses. This is done by undertaking an RPL assessment process.

Do I qualify?

  • If you have been working in a Full Time capacity for a minimum period of 4 years then you certainly qualify. Your working history must be able to be verified by the individual Employer/s to proceed.

How does it work?

  • If you meet the 3 year criteria and are able to verify your employment with contactable references then you proceed to the next step which is the Evidence Collation.

Simply click on the link highlighted below and submit the following details to begin:

What happens next?

Your details will be forwarded to Australian Workforce Training (AWT) and they will make contact with you via email initially to explain how the process works from this point onwards.

What does it cost?

  • In total it will cost A$4,500.00 to complete the RPL.
  • Prior to receiving your RPL Pack containing all the documents you need to complete you will need to make a A$1,000.00 deposit (non refundable). This can be done by Money Transfer or by Credit Card (1% surcharge if using credit card).
  • Once you have been provided an assessment date we will require the further A$3,500.00.
  • What happens after my deposit?
  • Once your deposit has been received we will post you your RPL Pack and ask you to email us once you have received it.
  • We can then organise a time to call you to explain the documents and to answer any questions you may have.

I have completed my RPL pack, what next?

  • Once your pack is completed you will need to return it to us in the self addressed International Satchel provided in the RPL pack.
  • Once received in Australia we will then proceed to verify your evidence by calling your references, consulting with our Trade Qualified Assessors and provided all is verified we then proceed to organise an Assessment.
  • Organising the Assessment
  • In order for our Assessor/s to travel to the UK we will require a minimum of 4 persons to undergo assessment. This must be in one trade only. If the there are two types of trades involved then a minimum of 3 per trade is required. 

Where will I be assessed?

  • We have chosen to do the assessment at the best Training Facility in the UK, Gold Trowel.
  • There may be a requirement to visit your worksite but you will be advised of this when we book your assessment.
  • What do I need for my assessment?
  • You will need the hand tools of your trade and be wearing adequate PPE in line with Gold Trowels Occupational Health and Safety requirements. 
  • For more information please click here

How long will the assessment take?

  • The assessment is scheduled over two full days. It can incorporate a site visit and assessment at Gold Trowel. There is also a verbal questioning component of the assessment.

What happens when I pass?

  • Upon return to Australia, the Management of AWT will check the compliancy of the assessor/s reports and documents. If all compliant an AQFIII Certificate in your trade will be sent to you via registered express mail. 

What happens if I don't pass?

  • Our assessor/s has in built extra days for their trip and a reassessment can take place. This will be organised by the Assessor/s. The cost of reassessment is A$900.00 payable in full prior to the assessment.
  • Provided you have supplied true and accurate evidence and an honest evaluation of your skills and abilities there should be no need for reassessment. There is an available avenue to appeal the need for reassessment but this process will need to be evaluated and reassessment will not take place until the next assessment dates.

Will this assist with PR if I decide to move to Australia?

It certainly will. We have Migration Agents that we can recommend that can assist the process for you.
Is my qualification Nationally recognised within Australia?
Yes it is, your qualification can be used in any state.

Can I be assessed in Australia?

  • Yes you can. Our facilities in Perth, Western Australia contain specifically created areas that assess you directly against the unit requirements.
  • Assessments are not available in other states.
  • So if you are planning a visit to Perth we can assess you at our facilities within 2 days.

Can I view more information about the process?

  • Our website is full of information regarding the process

Who do I contact?

Plastering in Australia via assesments, tiling in Australia via assessments leads to imigration to Australia.