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City and Guilds Bricklaying Courses for 4 weeks offers so much hands on training that you will progress quicker than you would with any other training provider. Our dedicated Bricklaying Training Centre ensures that you have the space and facilities to produce outstanding work. We offer every form of bricklaying training possible; whatever your bricklaying requirements, we are confident that we can cater for your needs and deliver the skills you need to achieve the standards required.

Whether you are a complete novice or have already tried your hand at bricklaying, we have courses to suit your needs. We ensure that all of the stages of bricklaying are covered so that even as a complete novice you will achieve your goals. If you have a specific project in mind, our instructors will do their best to adjust the course to suit your learning requirements. If you have building plans or drawings, bring them along and receive guidance from the Bricklaying Instructors.

Your Instructor not only teaches but actually does it for a living. From Site developing to Domestic he knows his stuff which can only be advantageous to the students. You will be confident on completion of your course in tackling various projects having had the best training that Goldtrowel is known and respected for.


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City and Guilds Bricklaying Course content
  - 4 Week Courses
Day 1:

  • Introduction to and the use of tools
  • Gauging & mixing mortars
  • Loading & setting out the site with materials
  • Trowel techniques and laying the bed joint
  • Buttering brick joints
  • Building corners plumb and level
  • Laying to the line & various pointing techniques.
  • Each technique is demonstrated before you  proceed with your first practical exercise. With this day over with you would have built a single skin brick wall in Stretcher Bond with returns and piers. Correct footings for walls are also discussed.

Day 2:

  •  A demonstration of various brickwork bonds proceeds your practical exercise for today which will be to build a double skinned wall with a pier and a return.
  • We cover English Bond, Flemish Bond and a variety of Garden Wall Bonds. We also cover using creasing tiles and brick on edge coping.
  • From here the course is tailored to suit each student. There are two options.
  • Option 1 consists of the principles and practicalities of building brick and block cavity walls such as would be used for extensions, porches and new-builds.

Day 3

  • Construct 4 inch wall with 13 inch and 9 inch pier finished with soldier course

Day 4

  • Construct English Bond Corner and walling 

Day 5

  • Construct Flemish Bond Corner and walling 

Day 6

  • Construct 9" wall with piers and finish with Brick on Edge
  • Dog toothing, creasing tiles, dental coursing, scallops
  • Raking cut with brick on edge

Day 7

  • Cavity walling with DPCs
  • Air Bricks
  • Wall Ties
  • Lintels, Tray damps and reveals

Days 8 - 10

  • Herringbone and basket weave with panels
  • Radius work
  • Quarter Bond Pier

Having received the above training, and achieved your successful outcomes, you will move onto the Units of assessments below. We have also included a Rendering Unit which maybe beneficial to you should you be building extensions etc...

  •      Unit 006      -     Introducing levelling in construction
  •      Unit 009      -     Introducing brickwork skills
  •      Unit 110      -     Developing brickwork skills
  •      Unit 111      -     Developing quoin skills
  •      Unit 116      -     Developing block work skills
  •      Unit 205      -     Expanding brickwork skills

This Unit is in addtion to the above. -

  •      Unit 117    -      Developing Rendering skills

These qualifications are suitable for anyone who has no previous experience or knowledge of the construction craft skills.

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See documentation: City & Guilds Bricklaying

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