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City and Guilds Plastering Courses | Plastering Courses

City and Guilds Plastering Courses with Goldtrowel Plastering Centre, hands on Practical Plastering Courses for Beginners to advanced. This course is for 4 weeks, which are `hands on` and intense, during the course you will build your portfolio, which consists of various  units (listed below). Additionally, all students will learn how to overboard ceilings,plaster complete barrel ceilings and curved walls.

If you are looking to change career or learn a new skill; need foundation site training; are looking to update system knowledge and skills; or need specialised training in drylining, fire protection, ceiling systems or decorative finishing, theres no better place to start

* Please Note*


Many providers are offering misleading City and Guilds Plastering Courses and giving students the impression that they can work onsite with this Qualification alone. You cannot do this, however, depending on the achievement of the Qualification and what units are covered, the City and Guilds Certificate will give you the competence to achieve Professional Standards within the Industry. It is our Recommendation that if you require this Certificate you must check with your Training Provider what you will be covering and the authentcity of your potential acheivements. 

  • For those students wanting Hardcore full on Training and Qualifications including the NVQ Level 2 to Work Onsite then choose our 6 week Multiskill Plastering Course. We cover absolutely everything.
  • This is the City & Guilds Plastering Certificate covering all that you need to know.
  • We will better any other course providers price.


Speedskim Courses

All those students on Qualification Plastering Courses will also be able to learn how to Speedskim which will enable you to put on a vast amount of meterage earning more money.


At Goldtrowel

We also offer a more advanced and recognised qualification route which will enable you to work onsite holding 3 qualifications in Plastering. Please visit this link

6 week Plastering Course


About Goldtrowel:

"We are Plasterers that teach Plastering" and have many years of experience.

"Come and see for yourself and ask the students" It's not the distance that you travel to a course, It's the Quality of the Training in Real life Scenarios. If you want a change in Career and have no experience we will get you qualified as a Plasterer.

Prior to the Practical Plastering Course you receive, upon deposit, the following training material.

  • Part 1 DVD training film on solid plastering
  • Part 2 DVD training film on solid plastering
  • Part 1 DVD Perfect skimming techniques
  • Plasterers Training Manual (code to download for free)
  • Examination papers

Pay-As-You-Train options to suit your needs are also available. In other words
you can pay for your course by instalments. You can stagger your course to suit your needs.


  • You have booked on a 10 day Course and cannot do all 10 days at once. No Problem Just let us know what days you can complete and we will tailor it around you.
  • We have the UKs best training facilities, best instructors and our courses have been designed in conjunction with leading trade and industry bodies to ensure that we are teaching the skills youll need on site.
  • You will achieve far more when choosing to train with Goldtrowel thats why we have always differed to all the rest of the Training Providers.

City and Guilds Plastering Qualification - 6219

To achieve this City & Guilds certificate will require you to undertake Plastering training and assessment using credits which are achieved by covering various units from the City and Guilds 6219.

For this qualification, which can be achieved in 4 weeks, we have put together the following training and assessment plan:

Health & Safety and PPE 

Unit 101: Introduction to health and Safety in construction

Site safety, COSHH, Signage, Hazards and Dangers, Materials, Waste


Unit 008: Preparing background surfaces and applying Render coats

Identifying wall types, Backgrounds, Substrates, Primers, Wall strengths,

Applying Sand and Cement Base coats, Dub coats, Scratch coats, Top coats

Identifying, cutting, fixing Metal Beads

Understanding additives, waterproofers, Placticisers, Lime, Fibres

EML / Riblath

Finish types, Float, Sponge, Dash (Wet/Dry), Tyrolean,  

 Types of Construction

Unit 102: Introduction to the Construction Industry

Building Types, Sustainable Construction, Building Design


Unit 125: Preparing background surfaces and applying finishing coats

Identifying wall types, backgrounds, Priming, Bonding agents, Finish plaster types,

Mixing plaster, applying plaster to various background surfaces, Plastering problems,

Dealing with other trades, Temperature issues, Skim finish walls and Ceilings.

 Internal Floating / Backing Coats

Unit 126: Mixing Materials and applying Floating coats

Identifying backgrounds, selection of materials, material uses, Priming, selecting and cutting

Beads, characteristics of materials, ruling and levelling, applying backing coats to walls.

Not only will you achieve a City and Guilds in Plastering but we will also train you in the following:

To cut and fix plaster board to walls and ceilings correctly.     
Transferring levels correctly  
To tape standard and internal joints.   .   
Applying PVA adhesive to existing surfaces using Reskim procedures. 
Plastering reveals - Internal and External angles using the correct method.  
Plaster repair work  - Making Good. 
Dry lining - Dot and Dab and apply finish plaster.

Screeding – Laying sand and cement floor screeds flat level and to falls

Levelling - Using water levels 
Rendering a wall, attached pier, scratch and finish - Devil Floated prior to skimming 
Skimming a wall, attached pier and using skim beads using 2 coat finish 
Bell cast over windows and DPC, scratch coat float finish  - Freehanding All areas 
Direct bonding, dry lining and skimming with windows plus reveals - Covering arches

Apply floating coat and finish plaster to Artex Surfaces 
Boarding and setting a ceiling in one coat 
Applying a floating coat to wall and attached pier 
Applying a floating coat to a square or rectangular column 
Applying a floating finishing coat to a square or rectangular column 
Scrim and skim finish with plaster (Dot & Dab) 
Applying a textured finish with border. 
Fixing bell cast bead and applying scratch coats to wall areas.


Goldtrowel also offers Advanced Plastering Courses and Qualifications which may be of more interst:

City and Guilds including Krend Qualification

City and Guilds, NVQ and Krend Qualification

Please Note:

Payment For Courses:-

All our courses can be covered over a period to suit you as long as you complete the entire course within 18 months. You can train for 5 consecutive weeks, divide your weeks up or even incorporate some weekend training if you have ongoing weekly commitments. At Goldtrowel we aim to make our qualifications as accessible as is possible and additionally we offer a payment plan which, following a deposit, is on a pay as you train basis

This is a hands-on, practical course, it is therefore recommended you bring suitable clothing and for your own safety, steel capped footwear is essential. All other PPE, tools and materials will be provided throughout your training period.

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