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Decorative 10 day Bricklaying Courses at Goldtrowel are unique in that we have a great Bricklaying Course tailored to suit those students wishing to learn how to Brick lay using decorative designs. During your Course you will construct many aspects of Decorative walls which will enable you to produce to your customers outstanding designs and features with confidence. As you can see with the information listed below just how intensive this course is but "more than rewarding". 

This10 day Bricklaying is a  Decorative, Practical, Hands on Course, City and Guilds Bricklaying courses are also available.You will Learn, How to Brick lay correctly during this Intensive course.

Criteria -  This is NVQ Level 2 training, therefore this course is suitable for those students who have some level of Brickwork experience.

Course Structure for 10 Day Decorative Bricklaying Course

Day 1

  •      Introduction to and the use of tools
  •      gauging & mixing mortars
  •      loading & setting out the site with materials
  •      trowel techniques and laying the bed joint
  •      buttering brick joints
  •      building corners plumb and level
  •      laying to the line & various pointing techniques.

Days 2 - 10

Brief outline what is incorporated in each module of this rewarding Decorative Bricklaying Course

  • Decorative brickwork
  • Raking cut -  Putting a 45 degree drop in a wall finished with a Brick on Edge. Accuracey of the cuts of the Bricks is absolutley paramount.
  • Scolops - Putting a Gentile Dip in a wall making sure it stays on a nice even curve.  Finished with Creasing Tiles and Brick on Edge.
  • Vertical Herrin Bone -  Arguably the most difficult and most Striking Brickwork Pattern.  All Bricks to be layed at 45 Degree Angle Staggered to each other.
  • Inverted piers - 440mm piers with one face of the Pier having 215mm recess created by a CAnt Brick.  This Pier will be Bird Beak Pointed and dressed out with Creasing Tiles completed with Brick on Edge.
  • Twisted Piers - 440mm Pier, Each Course set at slightly different angles to the course below, to point where it does a Complete 360 turn Creating a Spirral effect from top to bottom.
  • Bullseye - Building a complete circular opening in 9 inch wall. Wrapping a Brick on Edge all the way round the circumference.
  • Archways -  Setting out and Building an Archway into a wall using a furring piece.
  • Radius -  Creating a Half Moon  Wall with interlocking diamonds projecting from the Face.  This is finished off with a recess Joint.

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