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External Wall Insulation Training Courses (EWI) at Goldtrowel are full on hands on Courses. This 5 day External Wall Insulation Course is a must for those students wishing to learn Or gain an NVQ Level 2. By holding this Qualification it will enable you not only to work on large projects, contracts with Local Councils and various other Agencies, but most importantly prove that you been trained by Qualified Assessors and Verifiers who know what they are talking about in conjunction with the Governments Green Deal.

Our Training that we bring to you is "As good as it gets"

In Asscociation with KREND / Licata Building Systems.



  • This External Wall Insulation Course means you will carryout your Course outside in our Rendering Centre
  • Whatever you maybe thinking, without the CORRECT Training and getting decent meterage using the correct systems you will not be able to achieve your goals which is to Install and get accreditated for EWI.
  • This External Insulation Course is for those wishing to learn how to Install External Insulation Systems.
  • Over the Years we have have trained and Qualified many Solid Plasterers in intricate Krend and other Specialist Rendering Courses. Some students wishing to gain their NVQ Level 2 with us may have experience in intalling various External Wall Systems but need more experience and training in Applying various render systems over Insulation.
  • Why Choose Goldtrowel? We have the experience for you to learn  EWI full on Hands On Practical Training, and we don't mislead our potential Students.
  • During your Course we also incorporate New System Top Coat Finishes with Bespoke Designs, You will be more than impressed.
  • Please Note: You are outside, and any Training Centre that does this inside is wrong. As with any form of Rendering it is controlled by the weather. You will learn and get it right with Goldtrowel.

It is recommended that the NVQ Level 2 incorporates both Installing Thermal Boards and Application of Thin Coat  Render Systems start to Finish.









Bespoke Thin Coat RenderFinishes

In Association with Licata + greutol

Thin Coat Acrylic Render Systems designed to cover External Insulation Systems

  • There's absolutely no way should you be completing these Courses inside a training facility as it will not be in an uncontrolled environment.
  •  At Goldtrowel we are outside completing loads of meterage and not only this you need to know your substrates(backgrounds). That's what offer with Customer support 24/7.
  • If you think by going on a 1 Day Course that you can tackle a house, then you are setting yourself up for dissappointment, it just won't happen. Here with us it will happen, you will be competent and you will know what goes over what,why and how? in applying Wetherby Systems plus I'm here for my students 24/7. Remember it's about the timing which is crucial in todays environment.
  • We only use Wetherby Products during your Course.
  • For all Technical Online Support please visit this link
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Your 5 Day Lesson Plan:


  • Introduction
  • Product Content and Tools Required
  • Site Preparation. - Understanding Substrates and Bad Practices.
  • Commence Installing throughout day


  • Continuation of Installation 
  • Basecoats and covering in depth suctions and usages.
  • Meshing, Covering all Fixing of Various Beads


  • Understanding  and Application of Priming and Applying Wetherby Acrylic Render Systems


  • Continuation of Above


  • Overall Discussion
  • Problem Solving Exercise
  • Presentation of Certificates


NVQ Qualification


QUC 897 - NVQ Level 2 Diploma in Insulation and Building Treatments (Construction)
External Wall Insulation - Boarder
/ Finisher

Comprises of 5 Mandatory Units.

  •     QCF 448v2 - Installing External Wall Insulation in the Workplace
  •     QCF 641 - Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace
  •     QCF 642 - Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace
  •     QCF 643 - Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Workplace
  •     QCF 449v2 - Applying Surface Finishes to External Wall Insulation in the Workplace

There's also additional units that can be taken as part of this qualification. Credit from these units will be at additional cost but are not required to achieve the qualification:

  •     QCF 250AG - Erecting and Dismantling Access/Working Platforms in the Workplace



  • The total cost for the NVQ Assessment is £950. There's no hidden fees.
  • You will be inducted for your NVQ during your EWI Course, which means you can work onsite installing EWI Systems, during this we will come to you and Assess your work at NO extra cost.
  • Complete package costs £1325 for Course plus £950 for NVQ Assessment


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