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John Woolston
Been a Bricklayer for many years and need my NVQ Level 2 In Brickworks. Did an experienced worker route with Goldtrowel due to the fact I needed to get the ticket. Well Mick Pearce my Assessor was a blinding bloke, and to be honest when I left Goldtrowel, I realised just how good a Company they are. So in a nutshell if you want to get qualified just go to them. Absolutely the nuts. Cheers big Mick, Johnny Boy.
Essex Colchester UK • 04 May 2019 • jwbrickwork62@gmail.com

Jason Dolling
Just recently finished a 5 day venetian plastering course and was surprised on how much you get to learn and hands on experience you get. Putting on full walls creating great samples, a great course and Andy the boss man know his product and shows you how to be creative and what you can achieve, top man all round and clearly loves his job and made the course the best I've been on, met some crack fellow plasterers. GOLDTROWEL is the place to be to learn new skill in the trade.
York York UK • 22 April 2019 • dollingville@sky.com

Damien Hobbs
Did a weekend Krend course with the man Andy at Goldtrowel couple off weeks ago. Banging course plus we did the Silicone Render 1.5mm which totally brought me onboard with it. Listen guys been spreading 15 years never to old to learn new stuff so go to Goldtrowel because believe me they are the ones to go to. Cheers Andy topman.
Essex Colchester UK • 14 April 2019 • dannythespread@gmail.com

Cliff Wright
Just completed the 5 day Venetian course and it was all I had expected and more . The course covers so many finishes and products that it could be overwhelming if it wasn’t for Andys way of teaching .
I felt everything was taught and explained well and I have came away from it with a passion and a desire to peruse Venetian plaster further .

I chose Gold Trowel because it offers more than just sample boards and I’m so glad I did because the difference between doing a sample board and an actual wall is night and day .
If you are reading this because you are doing your research on where you would like to go ,then look no further .
Falkirk  no town supplied UK • 12 April 2019 • cliffwright@live.co.uk

Davey Taylor
Completed 3 courses with Goldtrowel in 12 month period. Why did I go there in the first place? Did my checking out spoke to a few people that had been there on social media and that did it for me.
Firstly completed 6 Week NVQ Level 2 Plastering Course and that was what made me return. Shane great instructor and made the course enjoyable and at the same time I had to work hard as I had no experience. Got my Qualification and set myself up in April 2018 and now working flat out.
Also did the 2 week Tiling course at Goldtrowel in August 2018 to add on to my business as few Tilers are where I live. That course was great to and Doug was brilliant.
Lastly I Completed the 2 week Venetian Plastering Course at Goldtrowel and that was a banging course full on and I did I reckon 64 samples 4 walls and that was the Icing on the cake.Cheers Andy top bloke.
Big Thumbs up to all there at Goldtrowel
Lanarkshire Glasgow UK • 03 April 2019 • Daveyboyplastering89@gmail.com

Andrew Bigwood
I had completed a small amount of venetian plastering prior to signing up for the 5 day course, but knew there was a lot I could improve on. After looking at the options from other venetian plastering workshops, I realised that Gold Trowel were the only facility offering a ‘real world’ situation, rather than doing a bunch of sample boards, that don’t really prepare you for anything but doing sample boards.

At Gold Trowel you actually plaster complete walls to prepare for a real world situation, whether that is a home project or as a profession. You learn about the product and how to optimise your time using that product.

As well as completing a 4mx2.4m wall with venetian plaster, we also completed a lot of samples to take away, using many of the other products offered by Venezia Stucco, as well as trying out some of the San Marco products too.
The course is full on, utilising product drying times to prepare for more samples to be made ready, although the general vibe is positive and fun.

I cannot recommend this course enough, to anyone looking to learn how to apply a variety of venetian plasters, to a professional standard. I will be returning to the centre soon because there is always more to learn when you have a tutor who is passionate about imparting their knowledge to anyone who really wants to learn this artform.
Surrey Addlestone UK • 25 March 2019 • arhbigwood@aim.com

Steff Brookes
Completed my 6 week NVQ Level 2 Plastering Course at Goldtrowel. Totally blown away, big shout out to Shane, took me from Novice to a career change. Now working onsite here in Ipswich and qualified.

I recommend Goldtrowel because i did my visiting around 3 other providers and chose these guys because i could see that they meant business.

Well dont hesitate for those wanting a change in life, these guys do it.
Thanks to all the Goldtrowel team.
Ipswich Suffolk UK • 26 February 2019 • steffbrookes6@gmail.com

Steffan Brookes
Completed my 6 week NVQ Level 2 Plastering Course at Goldtrowel. Totally blown away, big shout out to Shane, took me from Novice to a career change. Now working onsite here in Ipswich and qualified.

I recommend Goldtrowel because i did my visiting around 3 other providers and chose these guys because i could see that they meant business.

Well don't hesitate for those wanting a change in life, these guys do it.
Thanks to all the Goldtrowel team.

Suffolk Ipswich UK • 26 February 2019 • no email

A huge thanks to Lee and Andy for the great organisation and course - from my first exchange with Goldtrowel I felt confident signing up, and it exceeded my expectations. I wanted to learn tadelakt for a personal project. I am not a plasterer and had never held a trowel before. I learnt so much both under Andys clear guidance and from the other experienced participants on the course. I have come away confident I will be able to use tadelakt in my renovation project and I cant wait to get started! This course is suited to all skill levels, and Andy manages to keep everyone challenged even in a mixed group like ours.
Brussels no town supplied Belgium • 17 February 2019 • louize99@yahoo.co.uk

luke norman
Just finished 5 day course with Andy. I can literally say -this course has been the most enjoyable learning experience I had in a very long time. I have not stopped smiling. Andys enthusiasm, expertise, passion and honesty has been truly inspirational. This in itself made the course so satisfyingly challenging and totally exceeded my expectations. I cannot believe I have learnt so much in such a short space of time. so would like to say another big thank you to Andy for totally wowing me.. respect bro thanks for just doing you! I would personally recommend to do this course Period! Anyone who is ready to want to absorb and learn what this man has to offer.. you will come away amazed!!! Luke (Bristol)
Bristol Bristol United Kingdom • 14 February 2019 • luke.301287@gmail.com

Me and Matt have just completed the 10 day Venetian course and it was everything we’d expected it to be and much much more! Andy’s a really great bloke, really knows what he’s talking about when it comes to Venetian plasters, the course it’s self is literally 100% hands on and we couldn’t believe the amount of meterage we got to do! Any questions we had about the work andy was happy to answer simply and also to explain it so you really do understand what it is your asking about. During the 10 days we were there we noticed every time we were set doing are work Andy was constantly answering the phone giving advise about work to people that had already been on the course, so he clearly has a great customer care service.

All in all we cant fault this place it really is 10/10! We’ll definitely be keeping in contact with Andy and no doubt be coming back for a top up day or two!
Wiltshire  Devizes  UK • 20 January 2019 • Fbfinished@hotmail.com

William Gibson
Having completed my NVQ Level 2 in plastering with Goldtrowel Training, i am qualified for site - have also employed two plasterers to join the team as we have already secured a few big contracts to begin 2019, thanks to everyone at Goldtrowel, your passion and knowledge is second to absolutely no one!
Yorkshire Sheffield UK • 11 January 2019 • wgibsoncontracts@aol.com

Dave Petitt
Big thumbs up to Goldtrowel. Recently completed my NVQ Level 2 Plastering Course with these guys. Hands On from the Start, met some good people on my course and currently working with one of students in my local area. Shane, Doug and Andy are top guys and know their craft. I actually checked these guys out and came down with my father 4 months ago. I wasn't disappointed and now I continue my journey of learning. Happy Xmas Goldtrowel. Davey Boy
North Lincolnshire Grimsby  UK • 20 December 2018 • DPplastering1985@gmail.com

Doug Webster
Venetian class July 2018
After 2 years of looking into courses Goldtrowel came back as my favourite everytime, I travelled up from deepest Dorset to sunny Romford, well the whole week blew my mind, Andy taught us so much in just 5 days on the drive home my mind was a blear.
Andys passion and love for teaching is evident in every conversation and he is a genuinely sound bloke. since finishing week 1,
firstly im looking forward to going back for week 2,
Secendly, the service with materials questions after the courses Andy is there just as happy to help as the first time you meet him.
During my week I met all the guys and Lady at Goldtrowel and they are all as knowlegable and helpful as Andy,
end your search and book here
Im looking forward to returning for my 2nd week in the new year and continuing my business relationship with Goldtrowel
Thank You Andy and Team Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year
Dorset Wimborne UK • 17 December 2018 • dougie.webster@live.com

Jay Fernon
Just completed the 10 day Venetian plastering course. What an excellent experience! The options are literally limitless. There is so much to take in I found the second week very valuable, giving me the opportunity to soak up a lot more and have a bash at so many different finishes. Therefore, I would definitely recommend the 10 day option.

For me though, Andy made the course. What this man doesn’t know about the plastering trade is not worth knowing. But it’s not just that, he has such a passion for the job it really does rub off on you. Andy is not there to just take your money and send you on your way, he honestly wants you to be the best you can and is there 24/7 for you. During the course and at any point you need him after. One of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure meeting.
Thanks Andy/Goldtrowel
Rhondda cynon taff Pontypridd UK • 27 November 2018 • jayfernon@gmail.com

stuart underwood
Venetian marble plastering course. 5 day

What can i say,i was blown away with the effects you can do with the product.
Andy is a great guy,and he knows his even when you think you have ed up your sample board he comes along and puts a twist on to it. Making it bespoke. This guy knows everything there is about plastering and if i could know half the amount he knows i will do well in life.
When he said the course was full on i was not expecting to have one lunch break a day. On the tools nearly all day and when your not on the tools Andy is showing you how to do another master piece. The blokes a genius. We need more Andys around..
I will be telling and showing everyone about goldtrowel and about the course and how they should do it.
Many thanks for taking the time and effort not just to me but the whole group on how to use such a awesome product.
Love you lots more than jelly tots. X
west sussex Lancing United Kingdom • 17 November 2018 • stuartunderwood@hotmail.co.uk

Trevor Parr
Just completed the five day paving course. Stuart’s experience provided invaluable insight and advice about the techniques and practices involved, I now feel more confident in approaching the projects I have planned.

I would certainly recommend GoldTrowel for the quality and expertise of their courses and definitely consider returning for further training in this area and others as well.
Lancashire Carnforth UK • 14 November 2018 • trevor.parr@hotmail.co.uk

Harry Radford
It is not an understatement to say that Gold Trowel has changed my life. From completing the six week NVQ2 plastering course last spring I have been in full time work for local businesses as well as taking on lots of my own work. The skills I learnt and the back up I received from Gold Trowel have been amazing. I have since returned to complete the Venetian plastering , beginner and advanced, courses. Andy's passion for venetian plastering is inspiring. His instruction and direction are top class. He is a great mentor who is passionate about what he teaches and wants you to succeed to a very high standard. His support goes far beyond just the course, always available if you are unsure of something and offers lots practical advise with regards setting up your own business and how to promote yourself as a Venetian Plasterer. I highly recommend!
Wiltshire no town supplied UK • 10 November 2018 • no email

Steve Hall
Big shout out to Goldtrowel in Essex. Completed my 6 Week NVQ Level 2 Plasteringcourse three weeks ago.
Travelling from Kent and putting up with the M25 aswell.Thanks to Shane and all the staff for putting up with my staggered training course to suit my requirements. Recommend Goldtrowel any day of the week.
Kent Gillingham UK • 07 November 2018 • stevieboy1989@gmail.com

Adam Rodger
I have just completed my 4 week NVQ in Tiling. I can only say just how good it was. I learnt so much and enjoyed every minute. Doug was amazing, and all the other staff at Gold Trowel were very friendly and helpful. Everyone who attends the site is very friendly, which made the experience even better. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. Cant wait till the new year to book up the plastering course.
Thanks again guys.
Essex HARWICH United Kingdom • 30 October 2018 • adam.rodger@sky.com