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  NVQ Level 2 Plastering Courses - 6 Week Plastering NVQ L2

NVQ Level 2 plastering courses 6 week plastering courses, hands on practical NVQ training Courses. This 6 week Nvq Plastering training course incorporates 2 plastering qualifications. Advanced in its own right you will be amazed with your achievements. 


Goldtrowel – NVQ Plastering Courses



 NVQ Level 2 Plastering Courses

City and Guilds Plastering Courses – Diploma / NVQ. City & Guilds 6708 – 23 Diploma at Level 2 & NVQ Level 2 Plastering Courses


NVQL2 Diploma - Training, based qualification commonly done through Colleges.

We deliver the NVQL2 Diploma Competence which is a Site based qualification that needs to be assessed Onsite to achieve your Blue Skill worker Card which is completed with us.


Recent Rendering Work done by 3 students and Andy

This is 6 Week Multi Skill Plastering Course is recommended by Goldtrowel for those wanting to get Qualified and into this sought after Industry.

  • This is the ultimate in 6 week plastering courses. It includes 2 Certifciates in Plastering. 
  • Various providers are offering 8-10 week Plastering Courses.You DO NOT need more than 6 weeks, if you do we will give you free training.
  • This Course does "NOT" have to be done in 6 straight weeks, you can let us know as & when you can train. This is flexible training that works round you.
  • If it's a Career changing Course you want then simple "Book with us". We are more than confident in getting you qualified because it's hardcore full on intensive training and we know how to do it. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.
  • It's not just about focusing Students on Assessments to get the box ticked, most importantly it's about quality training and those Centres fast tracking Assessments are misleading you. 
  • We work the opposite way. Massive amount of Full on Hands on Training and then you fly through your Assessments without any problems.
  • You should visit us and see for yourself how you will learn the RIGHT way.

Goldtrowel is the Right Provider for YOU.


At Goldtrowel we believe that in 6 weeks you should be allowed to achieve as much as is feasibly possible allowing yourself to be pushed to your limit. That is why we offer the NVQ Level 2, City and the Guilds Plastering Qualifications in 6 weeks. These courses will prepare you getting employment within the construction Industry, with recognised Qualifications.


With effect from 01 Dec 2017 the NVQ Level 2 Criteria has changed. Until now you could achieve the NVQ L2 by just Plasterboarding and Skimming. This change now means that everyone is required to prove competence in the following skills.


  • Plasterboarding ( Unit 67 v2 )

  • Skimming (Unit 65 v2)

  • Floating (Unit 66 v2 )

  • Rendering ( Sand and Cement ) (Unit 67 v2)

  • Render this means Scrape back Render such as Monocouche / Krend. Or Thincoat Render (Unit 67 V2)

Fortunately, Goldtrowel have always believed this is what makes a Plasterer stand out from just the Boarders and Skimmers. Here at Goldtrowel we teach all the above plus more.

We are the only Provider currently in th UK who teach the whole package.



This is a life changing experience for a New CareerWe change peoples lives for the Better

  • City and Guilds Plastering Qualification
  • NVQ Level 2 
  • All Courses can be staggered
  • Pay as you Train
  • No hidden costs (ie: Onsite visit fees)
  • 30 Days Training

If you cannot do 6 straight weeks you can choose your own days to train with us at NO extra Cost.

Upon booking this course you will receive the following training materials.

The internet link to the Goldtrowel Plastering Tutorials.

The plasterers Training Manual.

Plastering Exam.

You should watch the Goldtrowel Plastering tutorials and study the Training Manual prior to starting your course.


These plastering courses are hands on, high calibre practical NVQ training. No previous experience is required, "leave that to us, we will get you qualified"..

Call Now for more information. 01708344700 Or 07866514457

Training with Goldtrowel during your 6 weeks

  •     6 weeks intense solid training
  •     Various size rooms (As real as you can get)
  •     Real life walls and ceilings
  •     City & Guilds 6217/18/19 training modules
  •     9 x Traditional training modules (these units are essential to work in the trade)
  •     Skimming over Artex / Barrel Wall & Ceilings / External Rendering / Pebbledashing
  •     Full pre-training package with 3 x DVD & 83 page illustrated training manual
  •     All backgrounds training, Brick, Block, Stud, Steel
  •     British Standard training plus real life training!
  •     Full after course support
  •     Start-up business advice and guidance
  •     Large UK network of potential job opportunities
  •     Differentiation to all students needs (individual help for your needs)
  •     Up to 25sq metre single areas to prepare you for real work.
  •     No short cuts during training, you do the job start to finish
  •     Full days 8:30-17:00
  •     Own Quality tools to use during course
  •     NVQ induction and training (site based)
  •     NVQ registration fees
  •     City & Guilds Certificate in Plastering
  •     NVQ Level 2 Certificate after succesful assessment

All those students on Qualification Plastering Courses will also be able to learn how to Speedskim which will enable you to put on a vast amount of meterage earning more money.

  • "We are Plasterers that teach Plastering" and have many years of experience.
  • "Come and see for yourself and ask the students" It's not the distance that you travel to a course, It's the Quality of the Training in Real life Scenarios. If you want a change in Career and have no experience we will get you qualified as a Plasterer.
  • Pay-As-You-Train options to suit your needs are also available. In other words you can pay for your course by instalments. You can stagger your course to suit your needs.
  • You can pick and choose the days that you want to train at No Extra Cost. 30 Days Training is what you pay for.


You have booked on a 10 day Course and cannot do all 10 days at once. No Problem Just let us know what days you can complete and we will tailor it around you.

  • We believe that by offering so much during your NVQ & City and Guilds Plastering Course is as good as it gets, this course gives you the opportunity to sell yourself  not only to customers but also to Commercial Building Sites.
  • You will need these quaifications and experience to work onsite.
  • Goldtrowel is a dedicated Plastering Training Centre of Excellence for trowel trades. We are the only training provider in the UK that offers 2 qualifications in 6 weeks.
  • We will give you the right training and support during and after your  plastering NVQ Course. You will also achieve your City and Guilds whilst at Goldtrowel.

Health & Safety and PPE  
To cut and fix plaster board to walls and ceilings correctly.    
Transferring levels correctly 
To tape standard and internal joints.  
Cutting and setting beads correctly 
To prepare surfaces before plastering using bonding and various other backing plasters and finishing plasters, ensuring a flat smooth finished surface ready for decorating.   
To mix plastering materials.  
Apply 2 coats of Finish Plaster to Walled areas.    
Apply 2 coats of Finish Plaster to Ceiling.    
Applying PVA adhesive to existing surfaces using Reskim procedures.
Plastering reveals - Internal and External angles using the correct method. 
Plaster repair work  - Making Good.
Rendering  - Covering all substrates, using correct mixes and waterproofers and retarders and accelerators.
Dry lining - Dot and Dab and apply finish plaster.

Throughout the programme you will be Trained on the following City & Guilds units:

  •  Apply floating coat and finish plaster to Artex Ceiling
  •  Boarding and setting a ceiling in 2 coats of Finish Plaster
  •  Applying a floating coat to wall and attached pier
  •  Applying and finishing the setting coat to a floored wall and attached pier
  •  Applying a floating coat to a square or rectangular column
  •  Applying a floating finishing coat to a square or rectangular column
  •  Scrim and skim finish with plaster (Dot & Dab)
  •  Applying a textured finish with border.
  •  Applying a plain rendering and finish with a wood float
  •  Fixing bell cast bead and applying scratch coats to wall areas.
  •  Applying pebble dash finish to a prepared wall

Advanced Plastering course content Week one-  Monday - Friday

Feel free to ask the instructors any questions at any time during or after the course regarding plastering, damp work, external work etc


  • Plasterboard your ceiling in your allocated room, learn how to cut and fix boards correctly then scrim tape the joins, cut and fix angle beads to windows and returns, 2 coat skim the ceiling using the correct method and following the procedure for cutting back etc


  •  Float all the walls as a backing coat, the use of scratch coats and screeds to be used as well as free rule. At Goldtrowel we use Sand and Cement. Students will also learn how to apply Direct Bond (Dot & Dab), using the correct Gypsum guidelines.


  • 2 coat skim the walls flat and smooth using the correct procedure from your starting point. In the afternoon you will have a discussion about pricing work, types of plasters, different backgrounds etc. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have. You will then change rooms and carry out repairs to ceilings and walls


  • This is your new room that you will have to complete in one day. You will carry out a glue float and set using bonding, re bead the windows and external corners, re-skim the ceilings and walls to a high standard and finish externals with and without beads. You will skim your ceiling and walls all together to consolidate how much you have learnt on the first 3 days all rolled into one day.


  • Coving out the rooms using various tools for internal, external and offset angles. This will be the day you will finish the rooms off completely with floor screeding to our set FFL. You will also be given up to date information on screeding using various types of insulation such as cellotex, from conservatories to New Builds we have the knowledge and experience.

Advanced Plastering Course content Week 2 - Monday - Friday

         During this Advanced Course you will learn how to:


  •  Plasterboard your ceiling in your allocated room, learn how to cut and fix boards correctly, plasterboard the walls using the direct bond method (dot and dab) with adhesive, construct an arch to a specified shape and size. Cutting correctly thin coat beads to all external angles, scrim taping all joins in plasterboards to ceiling walls and internal ceiling and wall joins and wall to wall joins. 2 coat skim (Plaster) the ceiling over plasterboard. Option - May Overboard Ceiling.


  • Float all the walls as a backing coat, the use of scratch coats and screeds to be used as well as free rule, flat render. You will learn how to free hand all external angles, bullnose corners etc.. Finish off with Devil Flaoting prior to applying  2 coats of finish plaster.


  •  Move into your second room and seal all plaster using pva sealer, re-cut thin coat beads and fix to external angles, glue and 2 coat skim ceiling finishing to a barrel. glue and 2 coat skim walls using internal corner trowels as required


  •  Move into your third room seal glue and 3 coat skim ceiling to a curve if required, you will be using the trowel float trowel method of 3 coating a Ceiling, you will be shown how to straighten the ceiling lines with the use of a featheredge, you will 2 coat skim (Plaster) the walls and these will be expected to be perfect.


  • Complete floor screed using inverted manholes and drain pipes, up to date specifictions using cellutex insulation.We will discuss any areas that we feel you need more tuition with, you can also let us know what areas you would like to practice more with, we will accommodate, this so when you leave you are capable of completing jobs to a professional and high quality standard.

Week 3

Advanced Rendering Course - Monday  - Friday

This week will consist of the following:

Introduction into Sand and Cement Renders and Synthetic renders. This will incorporate every aspect of rendering. You will be given course handouts, these will have all breakdowns of mixes for rendering.

You will Scratch Coat Render to approximately 80 metres of walled areas, including windows, columns and many other areas. This will be sand and Cement for this process.

You will set all various Angle Beads from Standard to Bellcast and also learn how to freehand corners.


Weeks 4 - 6

Monday - Friday

  • These last 3 weeks incorporate everything that you have had training for.
    Plastering and Rendering. These will be dedicated assignments for you to complete.
    You will also float over Artex ceilings and walls using bonding and also use the trowel float trowel method, Skim Barrel Ceilings & Curved walls, and Pebbledashing to various backgrounds.
    We have over 80 metres per student to float and set, making sure that you will be competent within the Plastering Industry.
    Assessment Process.

By taking your NVQ Diploma Level 2 plastering course at Goldtrowel you will be fully trained in solid plastering and you can be assured the 6 weeks will be full and intense to help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence you will need to acheive an NVQ  Diploma Level 2. We pride ourselves in our exceptional high standards. We have unlimited amount of space and we like to see as much skimming and floating done as possible. 

This course will act as your underpinning knowledge to progress you to achieiving an NVQ Diploma Level 2 in Plastering once you are working in the Plastering industry. The next step is to just let us know when you would like to progress to this stage; we will then allocate you an assessor who will help and guide you from beginning to end while you gather evidence for your portfolio. The cost of the NVQ process, on-site assessments, further training if needed and qualification to you, whether you have been one of our students or if you are a plasterer by trade already, is currently funded.


We deliver as much as feasably possible to all our students during their training.


Visit us and you will see for yourself. It is important to complete all elements of Solid Plastering to enable you to offer more to potential customers, its not all about skimming, its about rendering, floating out and using the tools correctly. We give you this and more during your training at Goldtrowel.

You will be proud of what you have achieved at the end of your course,what else would you expect.


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