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At Goldtrowel we like to offer a course for everyone all our courses are suitable for complete beginners.Our Plastering Courses will take you from beginner to advanced and have been designed for you to learn plastering, from short weekend courses to City and Guilds, NVQ and high end Rendering Courses. We really do offer the complete package from training plastering where you will learn absolutely everything that you need to know. All our Courses are Practical Hands on Courses from the start.
Our Plastering Training Centre is High Calibre in that it has very large areas to take you out of your comfort zone in order to tackle bigger areas in the real world. Your plastering training course can and will if you choose gain city and guilds & NVQ.


Plastering Courses available from City and Guilds Level 1, Level 2 City and Guilds Plastering Courses.


Plastering Courses for DIY students.


Plastering NVQ Level 2 for Experienced Workers already employed.


We also have NVQ Level 2 Plastering Courses that gets students employed and back to work Onsite.





With effect from 01 Dec 2017 the NVQ Level 2 Criteria has changed. Until now you could achieve the NVQ L2 by just Plasterboarding and Skimming. This change now means that everyone is required to prove competence in the following skills.


Carl from Buxton Plastering. Trained here at Goldtrowel several years ago. A very successful student, and we as a team are very proud of what he has achieved. EX Para that never gives in.


  • Plasterboarding ( Unit 67 v2 )

  • Skimming (Unit 65 v2)

  • Floating (Unit 66 v2 )

  • Rendering ( Sand and Cement ) (Unit 67 v2)

  • Render this means Scrape back Render such as Monocouche / Krend. Or Thincoat Render (Unit 67 V2)


Fortunately, Goldtrowel have always believed this is what makes a Plasterer stand out from just the Boarders and Skimmers. Here at Goldtrowel we teach all the above plus more.


We are the only Provider currently in th UK who teach the whole package.


Please be aware that to work in todays construction industry you are now required to hold a CSCS card, this card can only be attained by having achieved a competence based NVQ, this course will give you that card enabling you to work in the industry, therfore when researching your course check that you will be able to obtain this card once your course has been completed.

Our dedicated plastering training centre offers DIY short intensive plastering course options along with longer city and guilds plastering courses, nvq plastering course...Based on the borders of London

UKs No 1 Plastering Course Training Centre


Director of Goldtrowel Training - by Andy Marshall

Why Training Centres should " Tow the Line" with what's acceptable Training Standards!
Goldtrowel is the Leading Centre in the UK for trowel trades, this means we lead by example and I also believe that Centres have set up on the back end of us and actually don't give two flying hoots about their Tranining Standards. Just cheap courses and giving false hope.
In my professional opinion they lack experience, change, and fail to deliver the truth to students wishing to progress into the Construction world of today.
 I recently had a call from one of my many plastering friends who trained with us 10 years ago, he lives just outside London south side, and he was looking for an improver. So this improver comes along having done a six week plastering course, layed out on tools and unforutnately his provider has totally set him up for false hope.
Why! My mate said he asked him to seal up everywhere, 20 mins later, mate said why you covering 20 metres with a brush when you should use a roller, reply? " That's what we were taught"
The list is endless, but the guy wanted to learn, so my patient mate brought him along the way as he has done for people for years..
My question is quite simple?
When booking your course do not necessary go to the nearest centre to where you live, please check what you are geting for your money. I am passionate about Plastering making sure that you Learn the right way, this is an Integral part of Plastering. To me it's about been passionate and dead on accurate in delivering Quality High end Training and our Governing Body will vouch for that.

Our Instructors, Assessors and Internal Verifiers have all been handpicked to ensure Goldtrowels training methods and standards are upheld, and in accordance with regulatory systems all staff are fully accredited and qualified in their trade, (City & Guilds, NVQ, Edexel, CRB, Pttls, CAA). All staff at Goldtrowel are also still on the tools to keep up to date with what is happening away from the Training environment. This enables all students to gain more confidence and information in all aspects of their chosen trade. 

Prior to attending any Plastering Courses with Goldtrowel

You will receive your Pre-Course Study with all 5 day+ plastering courses which includes:

  •         Fully illustrated 83 page Plasterers Training Manual (code to download for free)
  •         Examination papers (qualification courses only)
  •        The internet link to the Goldtrowel Plastering Tutorials


You should watch the Goldtrowel Plastering Tutorials and study the Training Manual before you come to Goldtrowel for your training as these will really help you to prepare for your chosen course. It also gives you the support before and after your course.



We offer a vast range of Construction Courses and we firmly believe that No other Training Provider in the UK can offer what we can.

We are a City and Guilds Accreditated Centre No 008609 and NVQ Centre No 0012570. We deliver full on Qualifications in Plastering, Tiling, Bricklaying, Venetian Marble Plastering and Plumbing.

What we Offer:

  • Training available 7 days a week
  • Staggered Courses & Pay-As-You-Train options to suit your needs.
  • Real life Training & Scenarios
  • Do not be mislead by Cheap Courses.
  • Upgrade your course and just pay the difference
  • We cater for all

Please visit any of these links to fast track to the relevant Section:


  • If it's a Career changing Course you want then simple "Book with us". We are more than confident in getting you qualified because it's hardcore full on intensive training and we know how to do it. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.
  • It's not just about focusing Students on Assessments to get the box ticked, most importantly it's about quality training and those Centres fast tracking Assessments are misleading you. 
  • We work the opposite way. Massive amount of Full on Hands on Training and then you fly through your Assessments without any problems.
  • You should visit us and see for yourself, have a free taster day and learn the RIGHT way.
  • During your Course there are many opportunities to Network with us that can lead to employment. We know many Companies that will only take Goldtrowel trained students.

Call Now for more information. 01708344700 Or 07866514457


Course Reviews


  • We are highly skilled have more than 75 yrs experience within Plastering and we do know our Craft. Look at who they are accredited by.
  • We show you live availability without making you call us.

Q. "Why we are different to any other provider

  • We have the complete package in every course you can possibly imagine.
  • The Pictures of our Plastering facility are more than adeqate for your course.
  • We also have a dedicated outdoor Rendering Centre.
  • We have vast amounts of proper decent size areas for you to learn in.

We are also recommended by National Companies such as Sovereign Chemicals for our Training, Knowledge and Professionalism

With the exception of the NVQ Level 3 Plastering Courses, there's no requirement to complete more than a 6 week Plastering Course as it is clearly evident that providers are drawing out the course to make more money.

Qualifications and what they mean:

City and Guilds Plastering

  • The City and Guilds was available at Colleges many years before the NVQ. As we are old School trained and qualified we believe that the value of this qualification is paramount in all Solid Plastering. It is held in high esteem throughout the UK and across the Commonwealth, but Construction law decreed that the NVQ Level 2 be held for all trades onsite.

NVQ Plastering

  • For all Trades working onsite. We also know that by 2015 all Self employed builders working on domestic properties will require this qualification.

Plastering City and Guilds and NVQ: ( NVQ Multi Skill)

  • We teach many forms of Plastering throughout the 6 week Plastering NVQ Multi Skill Course.  NO other provider offers Or can even deliver this. They will only give you an explanation rather than Practical hands on training. Well, when you come to Pebbledashing Or completing intricate Renders you will have no chance on the average house. At Goldtrowel we will teach you all you need to know and at the same time get you qualified.

Goldtrowel's Ethos - Our Pledge

As the longest serving Plastering Centre,  Quality Courses, and underpinning knowledge forms the basis of success. All students are successful on our courses ( we don't do failure) because of the training and underpinning knowledge given during and after your course. For those students booking on our courses you are automatically given our DVD's which forms the basis of your preparation prior to attending one of our courses.

We fundamentally believe that we have the complete package,which is clearly evident in that we have had over 4000 sucessful outcomes since we were established.

Plastering Courses, City and Guilds Plastering Courses to NVQ Plastering Courses. We also offer the new NVQ Diplomas / QCF via the EWPA or OSAT route.

We are dedicated in providing " You the customer" the best training in the UK and Europe for trowel trades. Please read this link for genuine feedback reviews. "It's you that matters"

  • Our Rendering and Krend Courses come with full accreditation which enables you to be confident and competent in all aspects of External Finishes. We also offer Venetian Marble Plastering Courses.
  • New or experienced in trowel occupations, we cater for all. We deliver training to the DIY enthusiast as well as deliver the NVQ / QCF Diploma Level 2 and City and Guilds.
  • We are confident in the delivery of our training and encourage everyone to pay us a visit to see first hand what we do; we feel sure that once you have visited Goldtrowel it will be where you choose to train.
  • We are Matrix accreditated which means we give you the support before, during and after your course. We have the highest success rate in qualified trowel trades working within the construction industry.

 Our private forum has over 6000 users worldwide, thats what we do for you.

  •      Give you the advice, support and most importantly professional quality training at the highest level.
  •      Its   your  development that matters to us.
  •      When booking your course make sure that your provider is Matrix accreditated.
  •      This will clearly give you the confidence that you have chosen a Professional Centre with Information Advice & Guidance throughout.
  •      We are a dedicated Plastering School and offer the best training for real life employability.
  •      We are the longest serving private training provider in Trowel trades with a sucess rate of 100%.
  •      If wishing to emigrate to Australia please visit this link.
  •      Our standards are high which truely reflects in your end results.
  •      For CSCS Information please click here.


Payment For Courses...

All our courses can be covered over a period to suit you as long as you complete the entire course within 18 months. You can train for 6 consecutive weeks, divide your weeks up or even incorporate some weekend training if you have ongoing weekly commitments. At Goldtrowel we aim to make our qualifications as accessible as is possible and additionally we offer a payment plan which, following a deposit, is on a pay as you train basis.

Our prices are based on the course structure and the amount that you complete and achieve whilst on your course.

All or Course are Goldtrowel Certificated.

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