Experienced Plasterers NVQ Level 2 Plastering Courses

Experienced Plasterers NVQ Level 2 Plastering Courses

NVQ level 2 Plastering Courses - 1-2 Days EWPA


NVQ Level 2 Plastering EWPA Courses. Our Experienced Worker Route for NVQ Level 2 are for experienced workers requiring Level 2 Qualifications to work onsite.

Full NVQ Level 2 qualification for all Plasterers with 5 or more years experience via Experienced Worker Practical Assessment Route.

Goldtrowel is approved from CITB / CSkills to assist skilled Plasterers in gaining an NVQ. In a professional and timely manner. This process is non complicated and can be completed in a relatively short time frame (1 Day Practical plus Skill Scan) if all of the evidence required is readily available.

The price of this is £850 including VAT.

This fast track route to the right level of qualification in Plastering is available to all time served and skilled plasterers, those of you who have never previously had the time or the opportunity to gain a qualification to reflect your plastering ability.

If you have been working as a plasterer for quite some time and you are competent in your Plastering ability and have a very good general knowledge in all areas of plastering, visit Goldtrowel to meet with one of our Plastering Assessors to discuss your route to gaining a Plastering qualification. A short meeting to establish your competence could put you well on your way to obtaining a Plastering NVQ, a requirement for any construction site worker since 2013.

We have all of the required assessment procedures in place: qualified staff, excellent facilities and all of the support and guidance to help you obtain a Plastering NVQ.

All EWPA candidates should be:

     Site/Domestic experienced in all the stated skills of the Plastering NVQ
     Having sufficient experience of the skills of the NVQ, so that planning your working day, problem solving and  decision making and working to deadlines (with regard to Plastering) are a usual day-to-day activity.
     An ability to cope with the demands of an intensive practical assessment process
     An ability to work safely at all times
     An ability to discuss your work activities with others.

The following mandatory units make up the NVQ Level2:

  •      QCF641:  - Conform to general workplace safety
  •      QCF642:  - Conform to efficient work practices
  •      QCF643:  - Move and handle resources
  •      QCF66v2:  - Produce internal solid plastering finishes
  •      QCF67v2:  - Produce external solid render finishes
  •      QCF65v2:  - Apply finishing plaster to prepared surfaces

Supported by One optional units from:

  •      QCF68:  - Install direct bond dry linings
  •      QCF69:  - Lay sand and cement screeds
  •      QCF70:  - Apply projection plaster and maintain equipment
  •      QCF71v2:  - Install mechanically fixed plasterboard.

On Site Assessment Route:

We also deliver Plastering Courses, our Plastering School of Excellence is second to none. Our standards lead the way in the UK. Delivered via Assessment we have dedicated Assessors to get your qualification as soon as possible.

Please call Doug, Jake Or Sam on the numbers below.

0800 783 1450

Kind Regards


Jake Marshall



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