Plastering (Plasterboards)

Be careful with tape measures and knifes

Mark the joist centres on the wall,  Use of a saw may be necessary for some cuts

Score twice with the knife on the ivory face of the board using a knife & straight edge, snap then cut through the back

Fix the boards Ivory side out staggered across the joists

6 x 3 (1800 x 900)  4 fixings across the joist

8 x 4 (2400 x 1200) 6 fixings across the joist

with the fixing closest to the edge of the board do not fix closer than approx 12.5mm

if the walls are to be floated you may have a small tolerance up to 10mm

when fixing the boards along the wall edge check the parallel run of the boards on the opposite

edge with a straight edge otherwise gaps will appear and domino across the ceiling

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