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Tadelakt Courses, Professional hands on Tadelakt Training Courses, held in our New Tadelakt Centre. Your Tadelakt Course is hands on practical training. We do have the experience, knowledge and confidence for you to learn this Ancient art of Morrocan Tadelakt with us.Tadelakt is becoming more and more popular in the World. Trend watchers expect Tadelakt to become the new trend for Bathrooms and Living rooms.

Our Tadelakt Work






  • Tadelakt is not only a natural & ecological product but more and more a luxury & decorative wall finish.
  • Tadelakt is a Lime plaster, fashioned from lime specific to the Marrakech region of Morocco. Literally translated Tadelakt means 'to caress'. 
  • Tadelakt is not a precise, standardised finish. Tinted with natural pigments it is possible to mix and match any color combination.
  • Tadelakt is the perfect alternative to tiles in bathrooms. It is seamlessly applied, resulting in a surface without grout lines. It is suitable for pools, spas, shower cubicles, wet rooms and hammans (steam rooms). It can even be formed into sinks and baths, and applied to floors.
  • Tadelakt is permeable to air but impermeable to water, thus letting walls breathe.
  • The final surface is sealed with an olive oil based soap, which reacts with the lime plaster forming a waterproof surface.
  •  For added lustre a coat of wax can be applied.











We have way enough experience to get you competent but you must want to learn and work hard during your course.


It's imperative that you are hands on from the start and will certainly put you through your paces. Andy's underpinning knowledge, hands on experience just can't get any better and you will be amazed with how much you will learn and achieve.

  • At Goldtrowel we not only have the experience, knowledge and practical leadership skills to guide you through your course,but a full support package 24/7 for all your needs.


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  • You will gain so much confidence not only with all our products but also with the amount that you will complete during your course.
  • This is a separate course to our Polished Plastering as there's so much to learn, so it's dedicated solely to Tadelakt Training.You will mix by power mixer and not by hand as you are using feeble Lime from our Tadelakt Group of Companies.





For all Tadelakt materials please visit Venezia Stucco.


Is Tadelakt Waterproof ?

  • The most common misconception surrounding Tadelakt is that it is waterproof- This is incorrect, it is in fact Hydrophobic which is caused by the use of diluted Olive soap during the polishing process when it penetrates deep into the tadelakt and forms a layer of fat. This process is repeated upto 6 times in a wet area and whenever the surface is cleaned the same soap should be used.. By using wax as a water barrier the carbonation (hardening) process is seriously disrupted. Full carbonation occurs approximately within 150 days depending on temperature. Usually applied to a waterproof background, traditionally to Sand and Cement. A suitable keycoat is then applied, this is then misted to reduce suction and limit the likelihood of delamination..
  • By allowing a slight absorption of water any micro cracking becomes self healing and water will react with limeand allow the formation of new lime crystals.
  • Our Tadelakt Company  specializes in the import, sale & distribution and Tadelalkt of sustainable, environment friendly & ecological products from Morocco.
  • We import hydraulic Lime powder from the Marrakech region for the use as Tadelakt. We can guarantee a good and cohis Lime powder which stimulates the use of this fantastic material.




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