Weekend Plastering Courses - Weekend Plastering Course

Weekend Plastering Courses at Goldtrowel...Your Weekend Plastering course consists of Plastering Ceilings, Plastering Walls, Repairs, Dot and Dab, you will cover so much during your weekend and learn to learn the correct way.


Ideal for builders and DIY enthusiasts Or for those already in the trade that need to get their confidence prior to tackling those bigger areas. The practical skills you gain are of a very high standard and will cover the following:

There are Two types of weekend courses available, the Internal Plastering crash course and the External Rendering  plasterers course, to give you hands on experience and confidence.

Our Weekend Plastering Course structure below cannot be beaten. You will complete so much that you will be amazed with your achievements and results. It makes us proud to see your level of achievements. Why not visit us anytime.

You can also complete City and Guilds Plastering Courses over weekends.

More than value for money "Book Now"

Famous last words.

"The Proof is in the Pudding"

UKs No1 Training Centre of Excellence. We believe that Goldtrowel offers the best training in the UK. Our new facility has all the workings and scenarios of most domestic dwellings. We have dedicated Instructors and Assessors, skilled in their profession, not only that, we make sure that you complete all the modules listed below. We have endless of meterage for big hitters, but most importantly, you leave us confident and competent in all your work that you have achieved during this Intensive but very rewarding weekend Internal Plastering Course.

  • This Course is designed for all, from No Experience to the General Builder Or quite simply for those wishing to complete home improvements and wishing to learn.
  • All Qualification courses can be done over weekends

 Saturday: Practical Hands On:-

You will skim (plaster) ceilings and walls during this course and also complete the following below:

  • Health & Safety Induction
  • In depth discussion and demonstration of plasterboarding ceilings and overboarding existing ceilings including plasterboarding round RSJs
  • You will then plasterboard your Ceiling in your allocated room
  • Learn how to cut and fix Plasterboards correctly then scrim tape the joins
  • Cut and fix angle beads to windows and returns
  • Demonstration and then you will apply 2 coat skim finish (Plaster) to your own ceiling using the correct method and following the procedure for cutting back etc...

Sunday: Practical Hands On:-

  • Demonstration of Scrapeback and cut back prior to skimming (applying finish plaster)
  • Demonstrations of skimming window walls, reveals, piers, columns, flat walls
  • Apply 2 coat finish plaster (skim) to all walls flat and smooth using the correct procedure from your starting point
  • You will then change rooms and carry out repairs to ceilings and walls
  • Learn how to apply Direct Bond (dot and dab) correctly using  gypsum guidelines (optional)
  • In the afternoon you will have a discussion about pricing work, types of plasters, different backgrounds etc

Questions that should be asked when booking with your chosen course provider?

  • Name six backgrounds that Thistle Bonding can be applied over?
  • Name 2 backgrounds that Thistle Hardwall can be applied and why?
  • What is shelling and how do you overcome it?
  • Why shouldnt you PVA float work?
  • What is the Trowel Float Trowel method, and where would you use it?
  • How do you hold off plaster to tackle those bigger areas? Why not ask your course provider the answers before booking onto your course.
  • Difference between qualities of sand that can have an adverse effect to rendering?
  • Why apply scratch coats, name the various mixes to all substrates?
  • Variants of backing plasters and its usages?
  • Understanding the gauge of plaster mixes?
  • Differences between Mutli Finish and Board Finish, and what substrates it can cover?

Prior to attending your Plastering Courses with Goldtrowel

You will receive:

  • Prior to the Practical Plastering Course you receive, upon payment, the following training material.
  • An internet link to our Plastering Tutorials
  • Plasterers Training Manual (code to download for free)
  • You should download & study the training manual FREE from Members Login.
  • Fully illustrated 83 page Plasterers Training Manual (code to download for free)
  • Point to Note - If you would prefer to cover something else we can accommodate this.

Who should take this course?

  • Any person wishing to learn, bearing in mind plastering, rendering and pebbledashing are hands on trades.
  • If you want to learn plastering for DIY purposes or for advancement in your profession then these courses are ideal. 
  • They are also great for builders, painters, bricklayers, and other construction trades who wish to advance their careers.

If you are starting out in plastering as a plasterer these are ideal crash courses. Or why not book onto our

NVQ Diploma Level 2 and City and Guilds Plastering Course, after all 2 qualifications are better than 1.



If at a later date you wish to complete a City and Guilds Or NVQ Course within 12 months, we will deduct the cost of the course you completed previously against the chosen qualification.


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  • Sat 7th May - Sun 8th May 2022
  • Weekend Plastering Courses - Weekend Plastering Course
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  • Sat 11th June - Sun 12th June 2022
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  • Sat 2nd July - Sun 3rd July 2022
  • Weekend Plastering Courses - Weekend Plastering Course
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