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EWPA Plastering

1 Day NVQ Level 2 Plastering EWPA

This EWPA (Experienced Worker Practical Assessment) is for experienced plasterers who need their NVQ Level 2, this will allow you to get your blue CSCS card.

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Mon - Fri 08:00 - 17:00

Experienced Plasterers

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1 day EWPA Plastering Assessment.

This 1 day assessment is conducted at Goldtrowel, this can be completed any day of the week, you will be profiled by our assessor before booking (we recommend giving us a ring and having a chat), this is to ensure that you have the experience and skills required to achieve your NVQ via this route, you will be asked to complete paperwork we send to you, this will include a reference/s document, the assessment day will involve you proving your practical skills, by demonstrating the following traits, Rendering, Gypsum floating, Skimming, Plaster boarding and setting angle beads, you will also have to correctly answer some written questions which will prove your knowledge in plastering, and finally at the end of your plastering assessment you will have a recorded discussion with your assessor, during which you will chat about your work career, after completing your plastering assessment you will receive your NVQ certificate in the post within 10 days.
See our FAQ's for any questions you may have. 

What you will gain from this course / Assessment.

  • Full NVQ Level 2 diploma qualification in Solid Plastering.
  • EWPA Portfolio.
  • No limitations to work.
  • Ability to obtain your Blue Skilled Worker CSCS card.
  • Customer confidence.
  • Emigration possibilities.

During profiling before booking this course, you will be asked about your work experiences and work history, the types of work you have done, if you have worked domestic, site, commercial or contract work, you need to be truthful with your answers, just because you do not have experience in some areas does not mean you cannot be assessed or unable to pass.

The assessment is based on five contributing items:

  • Employer endorsement (can be a builder you have worked for)
  • Practical skills assessment
  • Written Questions
  • Experience
  • Professional discussion (one to one with your assessor)

NVQ Level 2 Solid Plastering Units

Unit 641 - Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace.

Unit 642 - Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace

Unit 643 - Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Workplace

Unit 65v2 - Applying Finishing Plaster to Background Surfaces in the Workplace

Unit 66v2 - Producing Internal Solid Plastering Finishes in the Workplace

Unit 67v2 - Producing External Solid Plastering Finishes in the Workplace

Unit 71v2 - Installing Mechanically Fixed Plasterboard in the Workplace

Note: the criteria for all EWPA learners includes:

  • being site experienced in all the stated skills of the qualification
  • have sufficient experience of the skills of the qualification, so that planning their working day, problem solving and decision making and working to deadlines (regarding your plastering) are a usual day to day activity
  • an ability to cope with the demands of an intensive practical assessment
  • an ability to work safely at all times
  • an ability to discuss their work activities with others
  • EWPA NVQ can only be attempted once, if unsuccessful you will have to apply via OSAT
Goldtrowel have a strong believe not to misguide learners, which is why its a good idea to talk to us before booking, we will always guide you to the best course regardless of cost or duration, its what`s right for you.

Experienced Worker Practical Assessment.

Experienced Worker practical Assessment or EWPA is for working plasterers who need to obtain their NVQ Level 2 in Solid Plastering, this quick and easy way to get qualified has been developed by awarding bodies to reduce the time needed to prove their competence.

We do not have set dates for the EWPA assessment, they are booked on a add hoc basis, so you telephone us and our/your assessor will give you the date options available at that time, normally this can be arranged within a week if required or booked in advance.

Unfortunately No - However if you are a working plasterer with the required experience then it is unlikely that you would not pass, this is also why you will have a discussion (profiling) with your assessor prior to the assessment, this is to ensure that you do have the required knowledge and skills before booking the test, Goldtrowel are not going to take someones money if we feel you are not experienced enough to pass the assessment.

You officially get nine and a half hours to complete everything, so if you complete in six hours that is great! 

Yes you will need to bring your own hand tools, although this is not compulsory your assessor will prefer you to have your own, and to be fair most plasterers will prefer to use their own trowels etc, if for some reason you cannot bring your own tools then you can still take the assessment and borrow our tools.

No your NVQ Level 2 certificate will be posted to you after the assessment, this comes from the awarding body and normally takes 5-10 days to arrive, you will be informed at the end of your assessment of the result.

In the very unlikely event that you fail your test, then you are not allowed a re-test, and you cannot enroll for another assessment via the EWPA route, you would have to re-apply and take your NVQ via the conventional OSAT route.

As a centre we are allowed to assess 4 candidates at any one time, although we generally only assess in 1's or 2's, but this assessment is completed in a unique training room so you will only ever be working alone in your own room.

The requirements for an NVQ is that the learner must be able to speak fluent English, part of the assessment will involve having a detailed conversation with your assessor and he must be able to understand your answers, written English will also be required.

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