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Weekend Tiling Courses (Mid Week Training)

Weekend tiling courses offer intensive and advanced tiling training at the weekends. Full on hands on practical courses

This will only show you the basics in Tiling and any Provider making claims that you can become a Tiler in a weekend are just misleading you.

Tiling Course Content
we have a maximum of 8 persons at any time on the tiling course, each will be allocated there own bay/room.   

Tiling Walls
Health & Safety induction, explanation of backgrounds surfaces and preparation, tiles, measuring up and setting out the walls with Datums, batons and level lines, view the options of tools required for tiling the walls, cover the options of adhesives and the coverage of materials and drying times, under instruction fix the wall tiles correctly in your own allocated bay/room including around a window.
Tiling to external angles, butt joints and trim.

Cuts Grouting and Mastic
Cutting tiles with wet cutters, dry cutters, scribes, saws, tile snips and circular cutters
Demonstration of cuts for windows doors basins and areas such as curved ceilings, now you will make these cuts
then fix the cuts relevant to your tiled walls, fixing trim and not fixing trim for angles, grout the wall tiles and run your mastic lines
how to correctly replace broken tiles

Backgrounds and preparation, tile sizes, cover the options of tools required, measuring up and setting out the floor with level lines, adhesives and there coverage, drying times, levelling compounds

Tiling Floors
Fix the floor tiles to your previously prepared and set out floor area within your bay/room,
Demonstration of various cuts including pedestals skirting etc, cut your tiles and fix the cuts, grout the floor tiles
finally remove all tiles from your bay/room 

Under tile heating systems explained

Tiling Course Cost: £312.50 Exc VAT

We are not currently running weekend courses, although you can do a weekend course during the week, ring for more details 01708 344700.

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