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American Clay Courses for 5 Days enables you to apply eco friendly materials to all substrates using different colour earth pigments which are hand applied and also sprayed applied achieving the ultimate in organic finishes.

No need to Float walls with Backing plasters or Finish Plaster anymore, these user friendly materials are the future in ECO Plastering.

Capital Goldtrowel and an American ECO Plastering Company are offering this Eco Plastering Training Course to anyone in the UK. No need to have any previous plastering experience. We have serious amounts of meterage for you to apply all these materials from ceilings to walls, making sure that the training and practice that you have received enables you to be confident and competent on completion of this Eco Plastering Course. What else would you expect?

The following is information about the Training Courses and products available at Goldtrowel.


  • Introduction - Health & Safety, Application of materials from preparation of all substrates to applying first coat.

  • Continuation of First Coats
  • Application of second coats using Hawk and Trowel over various substrates that are common in the UK.
  • Continuation of application of second coats.
  • Open forum, Second coat completed.
Thursday / Friday
  • Project and Assignment
  • Consolidation of what you have learnt in 3 days all rolled into 2 days
  • Application of 1st Coat,Application of 2nd coat and then 3rd coat. Closed in for a completed finish.

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Product Application

Ready to get started? Weve got three easy methods for turning your home into a natural beauty. Below you will find overviews and in-depth tutorials on each method.

Traditional System (three coats)

Take it easy with our traditional system. This method is ideal for first-time uesrs but still creates professional-level results. The traditional system primes most substrates with American Clay Sanded Primer Elite, followed by two coats of plaster.

Dos Manos Classic System (two coats)

Dos manos are better than one! Experienced plasterers can save time, labor, and materials costs (about 5% per square foot in product cost and about 20% of their time) by skipping most of the priming and adding Mud Glue or Add-Mix to the first coat of plaster to help it adhere to the substrate. This is followed by a second coat of plaster without the Mud Glue or Add-Mix.

Dos Manos Professional System (two coats)

This ones for the pros. Commercial installations that need extra impact-resistance can use Mud Glue™ or Add-Mix in both coats of plaster. Compression is required to complete the application. Like the Dos Manos Classic, it saves time and labor by skipping most of the priming. With the extra Mud Glue or Add-Mix, materials cost about the same as the Traditional System. This system should be installed by artisans experienced with American Clay plasters. Instructions are available only in the Course Training Manual.


Loma The Original Earth Plaster. Loma, meaning ?arth in Spanish, conveys the essence of suede through its sensuous matte surfaces resembling the textural delights of a Tuscan farmhouse. Made with reclaimed marble, sand, and multiple clays our patented formula offers a remarkable breadth of surface possibilities.

Loma™ is also the basecoat for our other plasters.

*One 50 pound bag of Loma, applied in a single coat, will cover 180-220 square feet.


Porcelina is often compared to the Venetian plasters of Italy. Porcelina is truly closest to quality of porcelain ceramics for which it was named. Satin smooth, easily blended for marble-like surfaces, Porcelina casts a spell of beauty with an edge of contemporary, crisp lustre. Sometimes mixed with lime putty, Porcelina is the most frequent choice for formal interiors.

So smooth it’s lickable!

*One 50 pound bag of Porcelina, applied in a single coat, will cover 300-350 square feet.


Marittimo ?a name created with the mar?t its core. Maritimo uses recycled, crushed shells from the U.S. Gulf Coast. This plaster top coat brings the greatest textural surprise of them all: faceted luminescence produced by burnishing and light sponging brings back the spirit of the shells used in this formulation…

Always expect delight.

*One 50 pound bag of Maritimo, applied in a single coat, will cover 160-180 square feet.


Enjarre (n-har-ray) is our newest single coat color integral architectural coating Enjarre brings a new dimension to the application of American Clay Natural Plasters. Created to offer affordability for large commercial projects. Enjarre provides a unique option to homeowners or builders where they can choose to start with a single coat of color integral plaster and later upgrade with a second coat of one of our premier plasters. Highly or barely textured.

Never need to paint again!

*One 80 pound bag of Enjarre, applied in a single coat, will cover 150-180 square feet

These Products are imported from our supplier to the UK in order for you to apply which ever product you desire.