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This K-Rend (Krend) Certificated 3 day course at Goldtrowel is one not to be missed. We offer full training during our courses and real life application at the UKs No1 Construction Training Centre of Excellence. This 3 day Krend course is outside in an uncontrolled environment and is based upon a Single Storey Building, with manty features as per our pictures.  Hands on from the start and as realistic as possible, what else would you expect.

This 3 Day Krend Course is designed for those students not fully confident Or have little experience in Floatwork and Rendering.


  • This 3 Day Krend Course is ideal for those students with little Or No experience in Float Work Rendering Or using Various Rules and Edges.
  • During your course you will be applying base coats, stop beads, bellcast beads and corner beads to various backgrounds using the correct method. At goldtrowel you will also apply topcoats and scratch backs using the correct depth scratchers. Only here during this 3 day intensive krend course will you be able to cover decent meterage which will enable you to be fully confident and competent on completion of your course. We will also cover repairs to various substrates.
  • There's absolutely no way should you be completing Krend Courses inside a training facility as it will not be in an uncontrolled environment. At Goldtrowel we are outside completing loads of meterage and not only this you need to know your substrates(backgrounds). That's what we offer with Customer support 24/7.
  • At the end of the course you will be given a K-Rend Certificate and  data handouts of all materials used and its application to all backgrounds. You will also recieve a 

Goldtrowel is a Krend Accreditated Training Centre and has over 100 meters to use outside in an unconrolled environment.

  • Before booking any Krend Course look what providers offer, We know 100%that Goldtrowel offers the best hands on experience and training unlike others that are not whom they say they are. Read our lesson plans and also look from the pictures of what we offer.

You need to know the following:

  • Applciation over existing Render
  • Applciation over existing Pebbledash
  • Applciation over existing Common Brick
  • Applciation over existing Concrete Stipple Render
  • Applciation over existing Tyrolean
  • Applciation over Various Blockwork depending on the Newton of the Blockwork
  • Applciation over an existing Scrapeback Render

We have a direct link to K-Rend which we also provide full after care support using our forums and technical helpline.

3 Day Krend Course details:-

Friday - Application of Basecoats and setting of all beads to be used and meshing out. Inclduing Preparation for Thincoat Render Systems.

Saturday -  Application of coloured Topcoats followed by in depth discussions.

Sunday -  Scrapeback & Application of Thincoat Render systems


This course is professional in delivery and the product is fantastic to use, if applied correctly. Thats why Goldtrowel offer this course for 3 days.

K Rend Scraped Textured Finishes are the first to have achieved the prestigious Kitemark license to BS EN 998:2003. The Kitemark� is the worlds premier symbol of trust, illustrating our commitment to providing you with the highest standard of quality products and service.

K Rend Scraped Textured Finish renders form an attractive range of one coat applications plastered directly on to block work. They can also be used as a finish in conjunction with a K Rend Base Coat.

To achieve the required finish, float to a level surface then scrape the complete surface evenly with a scraping tool when the render is set but not hard, removing 2mm, to produce a uniform texture.

K Rend Base (Scratch) Coats are polymer modified and cement based to ensure flexibility and strength. Scratch coats require only the addition of water and five minutes mixing time. Normally applied in one coat as a backing for K Rend finishes. Rule off to a flat finish and scratch lightly to provide a key for the next coat.

K Rend Base Coat range has achieved the prestigious Kitemark license to BS EN 998:2003. The Kitemark� is the worlds premier symbol of trust, illustrating our commitment to providing you with the highest standard of quality products and service.


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