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Bricklaying - 10 Day Decorative Course

This 10 day Decorative Bricklaying Course is for those wishing to build garden walling, or have a brickwork project needing decorative brickwork. It is also ideal for landscapers / gardeners who would like to add a useful skill to their business.

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 10 days
£1,000.00 INC VAT
August 2024
September 2024
November 2024


Course Description

To master the skills required to successfully build decorative masonry structures safely it will take more than a few days, the more it is practiced the better and more consistent you will get, during your 10 day decorative bricklaying course with us you will learn all the core skills and knowledge to build varied types of garden walling, retaining walls, and shaped wall, this is a great course for landscapers to enable them to add this skill to their profile.

What you can expect to learn from this Bricklaying Course

  • Understanding footings
  • Setting out walling
  • Learn brick bond types and usage
  • Understand block types and uses
  • Build and understand building corners
  • Build and understand building piers
  • Mixing mortars and additives
  • Lay mortar beds for bricks and blocks 
  • Understand brick types and uses
  • Cutting bricks
  • Types of jointing and finishing
  • Plumb, level and range

During training please feel free to ask any questions you have, we actually welcome your questions, and remember there is no such thing as a `stupid` question! your training will not be rushed, we know exactly how to get every individual to their best, you will be working in large open area's both inside and outside (weather permitting) so that you learn how the environment conditions affect your bricklaying, the bricks, blocks and other materials are of the same standard found in everyday construction builds.

Brief outline what is incorporated in each module of this rewarding Decorative Bricklaying Course

  • Decorative brickwork
  • Raking cut -  Putting a 45 degree drop in a wall finished with a Brick on Edge. Accuracy of the cuts of the Bricks is absolutely paramount.
  • Scallops - Putting a Gentile Dip in a wall making sure it stays on a nice even curve.  Finished with Creasing Tiles and Brick on Edge.
  • Vertical Herrin Bone -  Arguably the most difficult and most Striking Brickwork Pattern.  All Bricks to be laid at 45 Degree Angle Staggered to each other.
  • Inverted piers - 440mm piers with one face of the Pier having 215mm recess created by a cant Brick.  This Pier will be Bird Beak Pointed and dressed out with Creasing Tiles completed with Brick on Edge.
  • Twisted Piers - 440mm Pier, Each Course set at slightly different angles to the course below, to point where it does a Complete 360 turn Creating a Spiral effect from top to bottom.
  • Bullseye - Building a complete circular opening in 9 inch wall. Wrapping a Brick on Edge all the way round the circumference.
  • Archways -  Setting out and Building an Archway into a wall using a furring piece.
  • Radius -  Creating a Half Moon  Wall with interlocking diamonds projecting from the Face.  This is finished off with a recess Joint.

Established in 1999
20+ year history of Training
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