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Bricklaying - Qualification - NVQ Level 2 / City & Guilds - 6 Week Course

Our most popular course and the best course to start a career in bricklaying. You will learn the skills and knowledge required to start your career as a bricklayer, whilst getting both the most recognised bricklaying qualifications. This allows you to work anywhere including site work and gain your blue CSCS card.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Duration: 30 days
£2,850.00 INC VAT
July 2024
August 2024
October 2024


Course Description

Goldtrowel will teach you all the practical bricklaying skills required to successfully build masonry structures safely, the more it is practiced the better and more consistent you will get, during your 30 day bricklaying course with us you will learn all the core skills and knowledge to start a career in bricklaying, towards the end of your course you will build a series of bricklaying tasks working from drawings and specifications, these will be assessed by your trainer / assessor, from which you will be awarded your City & Guilds Bricklaying Certificate, to compliment this you will start your Bricklaying Level 2 NVQ by attending an induction where your assessor will guide you through your NVQ in Bricklaying, this will be assessed once you start working, all costs are inclusive.

Ring to book now with a deposit payment of 833.33 + VAT (1000)

What you can expect to learn from this Bricklaying Course

  • Understanding footings and foundations
  • Setting out masonry structures inc cavity walls
  • Learn brick bond types and usage
  • Pricing and quantifying jobs
  • Build and understand building corners
  • Build and understand building piers
  • Mixing mortars and additives
  • Lay mortar beds for bricks and blocks 
  • Understand brick / block types and uses
  • Lay and understand DPC's
  • Types of jointing and finishing
  • Plumb, level and range

During training please feel free to ask any questions you have, we actually welcome your questions, and remember there is no such thing as a `stupid` question! your training will not be rushed, we know exactly how to get every individual to their best, you will be working in large open area's both inside and outside (weather permitting) so that you learn how the environment conditions affect your bricklaying, the bricks, blocks and other materials are of the same standard found in everyday construction builds.

NVQ Level 2 and City & Guilds Bricklaying Course - Content Breakdown

Each technique is demonstrated before you  proceed with your first practical exercise. With this day over you would have built a single skin brick wall in Stretcher Bond with returns and piers. Correct footings for walls are also discussed.

A demonstration of various brickwork bonds proceeds your practical exercise for today which will be to build a double skinned wall with a pier and a return.   

We cover English Bond, Flemish Bond and a variety of Garden Wall Bonds. We also cover using creasing tiles and brick on edge coping. 

Continuation with cavity brick/block incorporating external brickwork and internal blockwork corners. The methods used are typical of new - build properties across building authorities within the UK. We show you how to use door/window profiles and close the cavities using a traditional vertical dpc or cavity closure. You will also be setting the lintel with a cavity tray and weepholes and laying a soldier course above the window is also covered.

Week 1

  •      Introduction to and the use of tools
  •      Gauging & mixing mortars
  •      Loading & setting out the site with materials
  •      Trowel techniques and laying the bed joint
  •      Buttering brick joints
  •      Building corners plumb and level
  •      Laying to the line & various pointing techniques.

Week 2

You will start training in all City & Guilds units and required brick working skills, units of assessment will include the following

  • Introduction into construction health and safety
  • Introduction into modern building techniques
  • Building a corner
  • Building a single brick wall
  • Construct cavity walls in brickwork

Week 3

This week will continue your training and include laying English/Flemish bond walling, finishing with creasing tiles and header courses. You will also be assessed on all the bricklaying units that you learnt in your previous weeks.

Week 5

You will attend your NVQ induction, receive your portfolio and start the NVQ training and assessments.

Your NVQ Assessments are assessed in your workplace and include the following NVQ Level 2 units of accreditation:

QCF 641 Conforming to General Health, Safety and Welfare in the Workplace

QCF 642 Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace

QCF 643 Moving, Handling and Storing Resources in the Workplace

QCF 40v2 Erecting Masonry Structures in the Workplace

QCF 41v2 Setting Out Masonry Structures in the Workplace

QCF 50v2 Repairing and Maintaining Masonry Structures in the Workplace

Week 6

Your final week will allow you the opportunity to build using the bricklaying skills learnt over the previous weeks including working with profiles, twisted piers and using turning pieces .Removal and cleaning of structures built, tools and equipment, end of course re-cap and distribution of course notes and awarding of Goldtrowel training certificate. 

Established in 1999
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