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A garden wall in English bond can be a very durable wall but queen closers will be required 

A queen closer is a brick thats been cut in half along the length of the brick as opposed to a half bat thats been cut in half across the width of the brick

We will cover the cuts of bricks and blocks on the bricklaying training course.

Foundations for a garden wall

Foundations are at least 100mm deep for a wall that is not more than 800mm high and 150-200mm deep for a higher wall. The foundation must be wider than the brickwork or block work, an easy way to calculate the width is to add the width of the wall to double the depth of the foundation, for instance if a 220mm wide 1 brick thick wall is built on 150mm deep foundation then the foundation should be 520mm wide. The footings for a free standing brick pillar measuring about 400mm x 400mm must be at least 200mm deep and at least 200mm wider than the pillar on all sides. For an extension or house footings they are normally 600mm wide and 1000mm deep this is the minimum though, and building inspectors can ask you to go deeper depending on the soil conditions.

  the plan on the left is for the course odd in number such a 1 , 3, 5 etc, 
* the arrows point out the queen closer positions
   this plan is for all the even courses such as 2 , 4 , 6 etc
* arrows indicate position of queen closers
   as you take the wall up you will be plumbing the corner and 2 stop ends
   look at the bond of English and note how strong yet attractive it is
  plumbing the corner
note to the left of the level are the queen closers


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