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Below are some images to give you an idea as to building a porch or extension with face bricks a cavity and 4 inch blocks. this is the model you will build at the training centre if you choose to. we do give you a varied choice of models to build. although this is a model scaled down in size it will still be the same as an extension of your property built to building regulations.

we will use all the knowledge and skills gained in previous exercises to complete this task and then some more.


 if youre building your own extension or porch it would be a good idea to plan the job thoroughly including the sizes of windows and doors, matching the width of the bond could save you time effort and give a neater appearance
brick sizes do differ but for this model lets use bricks 215mm x 65mm, allowing for a 10mm joint you can work out sizes for your windows such as 450mm x 300mm

mark out the area in your footings keeping square off the property. we wont go too deep into footings online as after excavation your building inspector will deter how deep you will go depending upon what he sees. but remember that the width of the footings should be at least twice the width of the overall proposed width of the wall. so if your wall is 300mm wide then you should have footings at least 600mm wide.

we start off by setting out the bond of the extension, if the footings are lower than ground level as they mostly are then you would start off with engineering bricks up to ground level then another 2 courses of engineering bricks above ground level to the dpc (damp proof course).

  once we have built up to damp height we should cut lengths of plastic dpc, this should overlap on the corners
skim a tight coat of mortar over the top of the engineering bricks approx 3mm in thickness then press the dpc into position with your trowel

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