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Paint Effects Courses for 1 Day. Decorative Paint effect Courses including Metallic Finishes,you will learn specialist decorative finishes. The ultimate course in paint effects.

Please visit this link for Venetian Marble Courses.

Paint Effects Course - 1 Day

 During this Intense Course you will learn how to apply and achieve the following:

  •  Learn how to apply specialist finishes.
  •  Create your own finishes
  •  Add tints to the material and learn how to achieve the correct colours
  •  Practise making finishes varying from completely uniform to highly textured.
  •  Learn how to make finishes with 2 or more colours.
  •  Learn various ways to correctly finish edges.
  •  Learn how to finish columns.
  •  Learn how to create special effects, with a variety of methods.
  •  Advice on pricing and marketing
  •  Access to network of applicators
  •  Discounted prices for materials
  •  Variety of training levels to suit ability and skills

You will complete a wide range of these Paint effect Decorative finishes approximately 8 Boards. These are very effective finishes and will be completed by applying Metallic Topping Waxes to each board.

These are the samples that you will be achieving whilst on this course:

Metallic Effects (Acrylic)

The metallic effects polished plaster is used on interiors, and is ideal for creating tough finishes for focal points in commercial and domestic buildings. The ranges of finishes are unlimited with textures being created (if required) in the base coat and one or more colours being used as top coats. This cost effective polished plaster finish can be used on any surface suitable for normal decoration. This finish is very economical, tough, washable and easy to touch up.

Extra finishes

Use a stencil in the base coat for a unique finish
Design you own bespoke range.




Metallic Waxes (Acrylic)

A gel like wax which is no doubt the best water based metallic wax on the market. Metallic Wax is mainly used over our Base Effects to create the very popular Metallic Effect. It is perfect to enhance washes or use in conjunction with our Glazes.

Goldtrowel has its own range of decorative products used to create special effects which are
used on interiors and ideal for creating tough finishes for many focal points in commercial and
domestic buildings. The range of our finishes are unlimited with textures being created in the
basecoat and one or more colours being used as top coats. These are very cost effective
decorative finishes and can be used on any suitable surface, durable and easy to maintain.

There are different finishes from smooth to textured. At Goldtrowel our courses are designed to
ensure that all students take great advantage in using all materials available to hand in order
for each student to be confident and competent on completion of their course. All students will
be able to take home all work completed from our training centre.

Introduction to and the use of tools, gauging & mixing marble plaster, trowel techniques,
preparation & priming of surfaces, applying the top coats of acrylic plaster, burnishing and polishing.

This unique opportunity to achieve something very different within the Construction Industry.
There is no requirement to have any experience prior to attending our courses as all training
will be given during your course.

You will leave Goldtrowel confident and competent in many aspects of paint effects of Metallic decorative plastering
having had the best training provided.

The course is very intense so please bring a notepad and pen, handouts are also given during
the course.