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ELCAS Accredited Multi-Skills Construction Courses | ELC Courses


Discounted Level 3 Multi skills Course for all serving or served Armed Forces wishing to enter the construction industry, this course is available to use with your enhanced learning credits.

 ELC Provider Number 11385

6 weeks intense training


Total Course Cost £2500.00

 Coming Soon!!

Email for Booking or further information, no obligation chat on 01708 344700 or come and visit us (no appointment necessary)


This course consists of a choice of 3 of the following trades, Plastering, Tiling, Carpentry, Kitchen Fitting, Block Paving and Bricklaying.

Upon booking you will receive the following training pack to give you a head start before you start your training.

Part 1 DVD training film on solid plastering 
Part 2 DVD training film on solid plastering 
Part 1 DVD Perfect skimming techniques 
Plasterers Training Manual (code to download for free) 
Examination papers
You should download & study the training manual FREE from Members Login.

For more information and available dates please call 01708 344700.


Example Course Structure (Plastering/Tiling/Bricklaying)

Week 1  Plastering



  • Health & Safety Induction
  • In depth discussion and demonstration of plasterboarding ceilings and overboarding existing ceilings including plasterboarding round RSJs
  • You will then plasterboard your Ceiling in your allocated room
  • Learn how to cut and fix Plasterboards correctly then scrim tape the joins
  • Cut and fix angle beads to windows and returns
  • Demonstration and then you will apply 2 coat skim finish (Plaster) to your own ceiling using the correct method and following the procedure for cutting back etc...


  • In depth discussions, demonstrations using the corrct mixes over all substrates and applying render scratch coats to walled areas
  • Float all the walls as a backing coat - we advise students to do as many walls as possible
  • The use of scratch coats and screeds to be used as well as free rule. 
  • Demonstration of Render top coats
  • Apply all Top coat backing coats to standard
  • All Floated out walls will be rubbed up smooth, then on completion devil floated ready for plastering the following day.


  • Demonstration of Scrapeback and cut back prior to skimming (applying finish plaster)
  • Demonstrations of skimming window walls, reveals, piers, columns, flat walls
  • Apply 2 coat finish plaster (skim) to all walls flat and smooth using the correct procedure from your starting point
  • You will then change rooms and carry out repairs to ceilings and walls
  • Learn how to apply Direct Bond (dot and dab) correctly using  gypsum guidelines
  • In the afternoon you will have a discussion about pricing work, types of plasters, different backgrounds etc
  • Sit a written quotation test so that a good understanding on pricing is calculated
  • You will also prepare your ceilings using Artex patterns prior to the following day. (optional)


  • This is your new room that you will have to complete in one day
  • You will carry out a glue float and set using bonding
  • Re bead the windows and external corners
  • Re-skim (Plaster) the ceilings and walls to a high standard and finish externals with and without beads
  • The bonus to this day is that you are now skimming over Artex.
  • By applying the trowel float trowel method you will skim your artex ceilings and walls all together to consolidate how much you have learnt on the first 3 days all rolled into one day
  • In depth class discussion of completed day


  • Using the correct tools you will learn how to Cove out areas using 4" & 5 "coving
  • Coving out the rooms using various tools for internal, external and offset angles. 
  • Using the correct tools you will learn how to complete your own floor screed correctly
  • This will be the day you will finish the rooms off completely with floor screeding to our set FFL.
  •  You will also be given up to date information on screeding using various types of insulation such as cellotex, from conservatories to New Builds we have the knowledge and experience. We will also be covering unbonded and bonded floors knowing all regulations to the relevant substrates.


Week 2  Plastering   



  •  Plasterboard your ceiling in your allocated room, learn how to cut and fix boards correctly, plasterboard the walls using the direct bond method (dot and dab) with adhesive, construct an arch to a specified shape and size. Cutting correctly thin coat beads to all external angles, scrim taping all joins in plasterboards to ceiling walls and internal ceiling and wall joins and wall to wall joins. 2 coat skim (Plaster) the ceiling over plasterboard. Option - May Overboard Ceiling.


  • Float all the walls as a backing coat, the use of scratch coats and screeds to be used as well as free rule, flat render. You will learn how to free hand all external angles, bullnose corners etc.. Finish off with Devil Flaoting prior to applying  2 coats of finish plaster.


  •  Move into your second room and seal all plaster using pva sealer, re-cut thin coat beads and fix to external angles, glue and 2 coat skim ceiling finishing to a barrel. glue and 2 coat skim walls using internal corner trowels as required.


  • Move into your third room seal glue and 3 coat skim ceiling to a curve if required, you will be using the trowel float trowel method of 3 coating a Ceiling, you will be shown how to straighten the ceiling lines with the use of a featheredge, you will 2 coat skim (Plaster) the walls and these will be expected to be perfect.


  • Complete floor screed using inverted manholes and drain pipes, up to date specifictions using cellutex insulation.We will discuss any areas that we feel you need more tuition with, you can also let us know what areas you would like to practice more with, we will accommodate, this so when you leave you are capable of completing jobs to a professional and high quality standard.

Week 3  Tiling   

 Monday - Friday

  •     Introduction
  •     Preparation, types & characteristics of backgrounds / substrates
  •     Service conditions
  • Learn Setting out your tiling work.
  • Explaining all the different adhesives used for different surfaces.
  • Demonstrating all the tools required.
  • Cutting tiles using wet tile cutters, dry tile cutters, tile scribes, tile snips and tile saws. Explaining tiling involving  Borders, Diamonds and Patterns.
  • How to cut around windows and reveals.
  • How to cope with tiling difficult areas such as uneven walls.

You will learn in depth all the uses of the following:-

  • Cutting tools
  • Nippers / Scribers / Twin rail manual / Electric wet
  • Adhesive types
  • Dispersion / Cementitious / Mixing procedures
  • Trowels
  • Types / uses / applications / coverages / spreading
  • Tiles
  • Types
  • Setting out
  • Procedures / gauging lathes / Datums / Levels / batons.
  • Tile trim
  • Fixing / uses / alternatives
  • Grout technology
  • Mixing / Types / Uses / Application / Specialist grouts (Epoxy)
  • Silicone Mastic
  • Types / uses / application
  • Floor levelling compounds explained
  • Tanking (waterproofing) explained and demonstrated
  • Underfloor heating explained

Week 4 Tiling   

 Monday - Friday

  • Advanced training, building on our first week tackling bigger areas, and covering more in-depth and working area, incorporating complete bathroom and kitchen obstacles, covering extra skills such as complex patterns, Natural stones, Levelling compounds, pricing etc, and much more!!

Week 5 and 6 Bricklaying


 Monday - Friday

  •      Introduction to and the use of tools
  •      Gauging & mixing mortars
  •      Loading & setting out the site with materials
  •      Trowel techniques and laying the bed joint
  •      Buttering brick joints
  •      Building corners plumb and level
  •      Laying to the line & various pointing techniques.

Each technique is demonstrated before you  proceed with your first practical exercise. With this day over with you would have built a single skin brick wall in Stretcher Bond with returns and piers. Correct footings for walls are also discussed.
A demonstration of various brickwork bonds proceeds your practical exercise for today which will be to build a double skinned wall with a pier and a return.

  •      We cover English Bond, Flemish Bond and a variety of Garden Wall Bonds. We also cover using creasing tiles and brick on edge coping.

From here the course is tailored to suit each student. There are two options.

  •       Option 1 consists of the principles and practicalities of building brick and block cavity walls such as would be used for extensions, porches and new-builds.
  •       Option 2 consists of the principles and practicalities of building domestic and complex garden walling.


Recent Reviews

Top Class Training Provider. I would say the best in its field in the UK. I have done extensive research in this field and truly believe I could have not been better prepared if I had used any other provider. They understand military life and we're compassionate to my needs as I suffer from PTSD.

The staff and facilities were excellent. Learnt so much from the course and would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn plastering.

After completing the lvl 3 plastering course with gold trowel, I decided to enroll myself onto the tiling course, would recommend training to all of my friends and colleagues.

Great course, instructors where very professional. 

GoldTrowel were outstanding.  I had certain medical needs as part of the WIS Community. They were supportive and encouraging.  I would not have achieved my results if it was not directly attributable to their way of teaching. The course was intensive but the learning style took you through building confidence and checking your understanding on the subject matter.  The learning environment was excellent and I felt privileged to have been trained at Gold Trowel. I will return to undertake my bricklaying NVQ.