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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - NVQ, City and Guilds, Plastering, Tiling


Can I split the plastering course over a period of time?
Yes you can split our courses to suit your work pattern, child care arrangements, holidays or pre arranged appointments. Please contact the office to find out more information. You must inform the office prior to booking your course that you wish to split your dates and arrange the dates you will be attending your course with our bookings department.

I am thinking of doing a 5 or 10 day Course, what happens if I decide after completing it that I would like to do a longer Qualification course?
If you do a 5 or 10 day course with us you will receive a certificate listing the units you covered during that course, these units would count towards a longer qualification course as would the 5 or 10 days you have attended.

So what will I need to do to receive my NVQ plastering?
Goldtrowel Instructors are NVQ Assessors / Verifiers for the Construction Skills and City and Guilds. You will receive all the support and help during the course to attain your NVQ via OSAT.

How long will it take to receive the NVQ plastering certificate?
It depends upon the person and the circumstances of the person, but as a rule of thumb it would usually take 3 to 4 months from the commencement of your OSAT.

What`s involved in the OSAT?
Basically you will attend an induction then one of our assessors will be appointed to you, you will be given a portfolio in which you gather evidence of work that you complete, your assessor will arrange a visit to assess your work, this may be just once or possibly more times if he feels the need to see more of your work.

I completed a Goldtrowel plastering course a while back, can I just pay the difference between the courses?
Yes you would only have to pay the difference between the course you have taken

Whats the portfolio about?
The portfolio we help build for you during your course is a portfolio of evidence for the units you have passed at Goldtrowel.
The NVQ is an evidence based qualification, photographs, testimonials from customers, builders, employers etc, plus any achievements of prior learning such as your training certificate.

Are there any further costs involved anywhere?
Yes you will need to pass your health and safety test to gain your CSCS card if you wish to work on site
the test varies in price throughout the UK and costs approximately £19.50

Is there any training required for the Health and Safety test?
You can purchase the Health & Safety test book from many good bookstores
The health and safety test is not difficult it is based upon common sense, you can buy the book from Amazon for a couple of quid.
the ISBN number is: 1-85751-106-9
here are some of the questions from the Health & Safety

Why book a course with Goldtrowel when there are other centers in the UK closer to my home?
Its what we do for you before during and after your course that sets us apart from any other training center in the UK
Before the plastering course
Prior to your course you receive pre course training that moves you that one step closer, by completing the pre course study you will gain the knowledge of what materials to use and when, you will learn basic plastering terminology and will study purpose made plastering training films with full instruction.

What difference does that make?
It makes a lot of difference on a fast moving intensive course, as this will be one less thing you will have to learn while your here, the pre-course knowledge you gain has been proven to work, if i were to ask you on a Monday morning at the start of your course what backing plaster to use on a low suction background you should know the answer.
An assessor could ask you this question or others similar to this during your OSAT.
Think about this, Goldtrowel students would get all these questions correct before attending a course

During the plastering course.
You will be instructed by professional plasterers with a combined experience of over 50 years, the bays (rooms) are full size rooms and not tiny little rooms that would leave you stuck when you enter the real world.
The plastering instructors are all CITB City & Guilds accredited assessors who will find your strengths and weaknesses and tailor what you do for the best results to suit your outcome. (we want you to succeed).
At Goldtrowel we specialize in plastering, Solid plastering, Venetian marble plastering, External finishing such as dashing, tyrolean, monocouche through colored renders, ashlar and pargetting.

What other training center could offer this?
We offer a discount scheme for students and supply you with quality tools to do the job whilst at the center,
You will not only be plastering but you will learn estimating and pricing small jobs and large contracts, you will find a list of terms and conditions of contracts available on the plastering forum website that are used by existing plasterers.

After the plastering course
After the plastering course you will have unmatched after course support with:

  • Telephone help-line
  • Email support

How successful have previous Goldtrowel students been?
Don`t take our word for it, listen to what previous students have to say.

Click on reviews at the top of this page

Is there accommodation available?
yes we have a list of local accommodation here

Is there a map available?
Yes we send a full pack out to you with a map and a list of accommodation
or you can view a map from here