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Our start to 2024

Our start to 2024

As some of you are aware, we have undergone a new look with a brand new website, structure and logo to take Goldtrowel Academy to the next level. Since being established in 1999 we have always continued to grow and adapt by re-innovating ourselves to continuing offering the best services to our students both visibly on social media and practically on the courses we provide. On the 1st of February 2024, our rebrand took place as our new website went live giving a sleek, sophisticated design whilst also being more user interactive with our live google reviews, news pages, blogs, videos, user account set up and many more features. 


We started the year with our fully booked Tiling course and we are extremely proud of all the students who attended. On the recent course, we decided to partner up with Ardex who are a well recognised global supplier of construction products. We have partnered with Ardex In the past, but have now decided to team up with them on a consistent basis for every Tiling course. We have Ardex introduce themselves to our students with a demonstration day explaining products they will be coming across once they leave here. 


Along with Ardex, we have now partnered up with Rubi UK who are renowned for being one of the biggest tile manufacturing company across the world. They have jumped on board with us on this new rebrand and will be demonstrating their latest products which Tilers are using currently. The students on the previous course loved this experience as they had the freedom to ask several questions to one of Rubi’s experienced sales representatives regarding the products. The products are then demonstrated by the sales rep, giving our students a chance to also use them before leaving the students with souvenirs. From the next course onwards, students will also be allowed to purchase products whilst on the course with us to help start their tiling journey.


Our aim is to help create as many construction journeys as possible as we pride ourselves on having a family like atmosphere, with our Plastering instructor Shane is a great example of this. Initially starting here as an labourer at the age of 17, he then went out in the real world to develop his plastering skills for over 15 years before becoming a qualified plastering instructor/assessor. He is now helping new students learn all the skills to give them the best start to their plastering careers. We will be having a detailed interview with all our instructors releasing later this year, which will provide a more in depth understanding of how our instructors got into the trade and obstacles they faced along their journey. We will also be releasing case studies form students who have studied here and have started their journeys to building their experience in their chosen field. 

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