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(On Site Assessment Training)

These will require an assessor to visit your place of work, to assess and witness you in a working environment, this can be up to 6 visits, normally 2-3 is sufficient.

What Qualifications will I achieve?
Plastering NVQ Level 2 (Full Route)

What careers and jobs can the course lead to?
Work anywhere in the UK, building sites, domestic and commercial.
The Benefits
Increases awareness of health and safety issues.
Qualification and recognition of skills and knowledge.
Higher rates of pay.

What will the course involve?
A limited number of visits to your workplace by an accredited assessor.

How will I be assessed?
A CITB approved assessor will visit your place of work. Your job knowledge will be profiled and
assessed and any training needs identified. Evidence of your knowledge and skills is collected by your assessor through
testimonies and photographs.

What do I need to start?
You will need to have competence in the plastering field, for the NVQ that you require such as solid plastering or fibrous plastering.
If you have No previous experience in plastering you would be advised to complete a course with the Goldtrowel plastering organisation.
After completing a course with Goldtrowel you would be advised to gain more experience either by working for a company as an employee or by registering as self employed and gaining work based experience to help build your portfolio.

What courses can I progress onto?
Plastering NVQ 3/4; Construction management courses.

How can Goldtrowel help with the OSAT?
You are either an experienced plasterer who requires his paperwork for a number of reasons or you are starting out in a new career.
Goldtrowel can help from the outset for your OSAT.
At Goldtrowel all the instructors are accredited assessors for City and Guilds and NVQs.

For the experienced plasterer we would recomend you study the list of units required for your OSAT NVQ in the field required
If you are confident you have completed the units satisfactorily on a regular basis you will be required to provide evidence.
Your evidence should be collected and inserted into your portfolio folder.
The evidence should consist of either photographs or testimonials from employers/clients.

Note: if you use photographic evidence you should be seen in the photographs completing the units (wearing full PPE).
If you are uncertain of the units and requirements it would be a good choice to complete the Goldtrowel NVQ Plastering Course. Award (GCA)

Goldtrowel (GCA) Plastering Course
This course incorporates the units required for the NVQ level 2 and we can help build your portfolio with you.

For those just starting out in the plastering industry you will need to complete the relevant course at goldtrowel.
As a minimum you should complete the NVQ Plastering Course.
Goldtrowel NVQ Plastering Course
Or complete the Goldtrowel City & Guilds plastering course.
We will help with your portfolio building for the NVQ should you wish to take this at a later date
City & Guilds Plastering Course