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Short Plastering Courses

Our short courses are ideal for DIY & Home improvement, these plastering courses teach individuals the skills and knowledge in all traits of solid plastering, resulting in the ability to complete plastering jobs to a good standard, all these courses will be taught from a trades aspect, they are designed to give you enough skills to complete plastering in your own home, they are also an ideal course for other trades like Tilers, Plumbers and Decorators who regularly need the skills of plastering within the construction industry.

Weekend Plastering Course
£270.83 Ex VAT

Learn how to board and plaster skim finish to walls and ceilings, and make good repairs to both.

5 Day Plastering Course
£495 Ex VAT

The best short Plastering course, intense introduction into all the common aspects of Plastering.

10 Day Plastering Course
£729.17 Ex VAT

Best course for completing more than just skimming in your own house, also suitable for Tilers, Plumber Etc.

15 Day Plastering Course
£916.67 Ex VAT

Our Most advanced non qualification plastering course available, includes all aspects of Plastering.

About our courses

All our short plastering courses listed above can be taken by anyone, no need for any previous experience, we offer payment plans to spread the cost on courses 3 weeks and longer, the longer courses can be staggered if required, you can also upgrade any course without wasting any time or money, simply let us know during the course or anytime up to a year later, thus giving you the opportunity to excel to the highest level and best pay grade, whatever your current circumstance.