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Professional Plastering Courses

Our professional plastering courses teach individuals the skills and knowledge in all traits of solid plastering, resulting in the ability to complete plastering jobs to a professional standard, all these courses will be taught from a trades aspect, they are designed to transition you from no skills to working career plasterer within the construction industry.

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4wk City & Guilds Course

You will achieve your City and Guilds in Plastering during the course, this is a training certificate showing you have proved your plastering ability.
£1291.67 Ex VAT

4wk NVQ Level 2 Course

Shortest course to become a NVQ qualified Plasterer, and obtain your Blue CSCS card.
£1875 Ex VAT

6wk City & Guilds/NVQ Level 2

This course gives both C&G plus NVQ 2 qualifications, best course to start a career in Plastering, and our most popular.
£2375 Ex VAT

8wk NVQ Level 3 Course

This course covers both the practical and business management skills, suitable for persons wishing to manage a company or go into teaching and assessing.
£1250 - £3125 Ex VAT

About our courses

All our trade professional courses listed above can be taken by anyone, no need for any previous experience, we offer payment plans to spread the cost, the longer courses can be staggered if required, you can also upgrade any course without wasting any time or money, simply let us know during the course or anytime upto a year later, thus giving you the opportunity to exel to the highest level and best pay grade, whatever your current circumstance.

Plastering Market Position.

There is a shortage of skilled plasterers within the construction industry, with the exiting of the UK from the EU, the UK has lost many skilled and even more unskilled construction workers, thus leading to the opportunity for Brits to gain employment much easier than previously, and more importantly achieve a decent wage for a skilled job, in 2000 plasterers were earning an average of £180-£200 a day, but little has changed since then, in fact wages within construction had declined, but now they are on the rise again, and at present skilled plasterers demand an average of around £250 per day.

Goldtrowel Staff

Our Instructors, Assessors and Internal Verifiers have all been handpicked to ensure Goldtrowels training methods and standards are upheld, and in accordance with regulatory systems in place, all staff are fully accredited and qualified in their trade (City & Guilds, NVQ, CRB, Pttls, Cert Ed, CAA, Edexel). Many of our staff are still on the tools and therefore keep up to date, with current requirements and building standards, that happen away from the training environment, this enables all students to gain confidence and information in all aspects of their trade.

Goldtrowel Ethos

Goldtrowel was derived from experienced time served plasters, who wanted to pass on their skills and teach their knowledge to others, this is still the case, it is fundamentally important to teach someone that the teacher (instructor) must have passion for their trade, all staff at Goldtrowel have this passion, and our values will never change.


For those looking to emigrate, Goldtrowel have a vast experience helping individuals attain the correct required qualifications to allow entry into that country, we have worked personally with Australia for many years, in brief to gain entry into Australia you will need as a minimum a NVQ Level 2 in Solid Plastering, for further details follow the link here

Goldtrowel offer the following 

Training up to 7 days a week every week

Staggered courses, Pay as you train options to suit your needs

Real life training scenarios

Ability to upgrade your courses without being penalised, you just pay the difference