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Rendering Tutorial Part 2

so whilst one of you is getting the mix sorted out another is wetting down the scratch coat, how you do this depends upon different circumstances, the weather is the important factor here, if its a hot dry day then you would be best to wet down the scratch with a hose then leave for 10 minutes

if its not a hot day then you can use your water brush by flicking water to the surface or you could use the hose on a fine spray


you apply your mix to the surface with the trowel approx 10mm thick, per coat, dont worry about getting a good finish at this stage, 

applying the cement to the surface


with small areas like bays its best to rule off as you go, make sure that you leave no hollows, fill out if necessary

we set beads in the angles of the bays and bell beads (drips) at the bottom of the bays and above the plinth. we dont always use angle beads on external work, we prefer to gain the angles with the use of the featheredge and level, where another set of hands holds the featheredge level on the angle and you rub up to the edge of the featheredge, but if working with many angles you can save time with angle beads.


ruling off the cement to get the surface flat and level

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