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Rendering Tutorial Part 3

so far we have mixed our cement mix with the correct materials and admixtures, we hosed down the scratch coat then left it for 10 minutes while the nice people in the house made a cuppa,

with one mix on the board and one in the mixer we made our start, obviously from the top down, refer to the training manual or films for starting points.

we applied the mix to the wall and ruled off then filled out and ruled off if required



test the surface of the cement on the wall regularly so as to not get caught out with it drying too much, it should have a spongey kinda feel when its ready, test it with your float and if its too wet then leave it for another 5 then test again, when its ready using your float in circular motions float the surface and fill any discrepancies as you go, some people prefer to give a quick float then sponge the surface lightly with a soft fine damp sponge, clean the sponge in your water bucket frequently. this method gives a different effect so you should not mix the 2 methods of practice, either your going to float and sponge or your going to float and float

using a float in circular motion to finish the surface of the cement


when finished advise the customer to leave to cure for at least one month prior to painting and to not use ladders against the wall(s). they should use the sills of the window frames to rest there ladder

we put a small feature in the bay using a panel tool around a dustbin lid whilst the cement was still wet, then marked out a triangle within the circle and pebbledashed it using one type of stone and the boundary with a different stone

there are many features you can utilise when rendering, some of the most popular are panel work where you use a panel tool pulled along the cement on the edge of a level, scallop the edges and flog the panel with a brush, plus of course pargetting and also quick and easy is dashing, but thats all due out in the forthcoming film goldtrowel external

thats all folks! good luck


ready for painting this rendered house

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