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Goldtrowel publications are the copyright holders of the goldtrowel construction training films all rights reserved

Terms and conditions for private individual single user use:

The terms and conditions of use for a private individual (single user) are that you may use the films for your personal learning use

You may not publicly broadcast the films and/or training materials in hotels, offices, clubs, prisons, schools, colleges, or any public place without consent from the copyright owners.

You may not copy the material or any part thereof, to do so without the consent of the copyright owner, it is an illegal act.

Terms and conditions for Schools and Colleges:

The terms and conditions of use for schools and colleges (multi-user) are that you may use the films for the benefit of teaching and learning use within the school or college premises only; no copies of the material and/or extractions to be taken without prior consent from the copyright owners.

The training films and training materials are NOT for sale to Schools and /or Colleges, they may be leased upon licence only.

The training films and training materials are leased annually and where the films need to be replaced due to wear and tear, are done so free of charge annually or sooner if required.

The training films and materials that are destroyed/damaged and require replacement will be charged at the saleable rate as noted on the official goldtrowel website at that said time.

the cost of the goldtrowel training licence for the training materials per college pack is as follows:

1 college pack @ £399.00 per annum from date of receipt (includes delivery uk)

  1. 6 x training films DVD
  2. plastering part 1
  3. plastering part 2
  4. pebbledashing/ rendering
  5. Plastering (perfect skimming techniques) part 1
  6. Plastering (perfect skimming techniques) part 2
  7. Venetian marble plastering (polished plastering)
  8.  1 x training manual for lecturer/teachers use

To apply for the teaching pack, please contact the Goldtrowel. You may send a pro forma invoice or enter your details in the special orders web page

Deposit/refunds for courses

Written confirmation is required 21 working days prior to the start date of your course for cancellations. We are able to accept an initial email but we will require confirmation by letter. Fees excluding deposits (or full payment for 5 or 10 day courses) are refundable if written confirmation of cancellation is received at least 21 days prior to your course start date.Failure to send a written cancellation letter before the balance has been paid will result in the balance becoming due.

If you are unable to attend your course due to 'exceptional circumstances' (proof will be required) a new date may be offered at the discretion of Goldtrowel UK Ltd. Deposits (or full payment for 5 and 10 day courses) for cancellations or non attendance are non refundable.

Please Note: Goldtrowel is a business and committed to training individuals to the highest standards spaces on our courses are limited and we like to keep our numbers on each course at a level where each candidate receives the best possible training. Once you have booked your course we expect you to attend as you have taken a sought after place on that course. If you cancel your course within 21 working days of the start date by written confirmation you will lose your deposit (or full payment for 5 or 10 day courses).

10% off a second course if your first course was 3 day+ excluding NVQ and C&G course - this discount will only apply if the first course was taken in the last year.