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Tiling - 5 Day Tiling Courses

Our intense 5 day wall & floor tiling course is a great introduction into the tiling trade. It covers a wide range of subjects within the tiling profession, during the course you will learn how to tile both walls and floors correctly to a professional standard. It will allow you to tile your own bathroom or kitchen. The cost of this training course is inclusive of all training and includes a Goldtrowel certificate of training.

Level: Beginner
Duration: 5 days
£595.00 INC VAT
September 2024
October 2024
January 2025


5 Day Tiling Course Description

Learn how to tile at Goldtrowel, we will give you all the skills and knowledge of wall and floor tiling, many think that tiling is one of the easier trades to learn, and whilst many DIYers have managed to tile there own homes, this does not mean they can tile, and normally they succeeded due to luck! there are so many facets to learn to ensure the job is done to standards, without this there is a great risk of failure, this is a common occurrence in domestic homes, the real problem of this is the cost of correcting the problems, as tiles and materials are unrecoverable. during your 5 days you learn the needs and requirements for various backgrounds and tile types, preparation and fixing the tiles successfully.

What you can expect to learn from this course

  • Correctly lay / fix  and cut floor and wall tiles to various backgrounds and shapes.
  • Understand the different types of Primers and how to use them.
  • Differences between Ceramic, Porcelain, Mosaic and Natural Stone tiles.
  • Tools and equipment usage and there differences. 
  • Working in wet areas such as wet rooms and showers, applying tanking systems. 
  • Prepare all types of backgrounds including wood, plaster, render, screed.
  • Full understanding of how to correctly set out walls and floors prior to fixing the tiles.
  • Full understanding of Grouting techniques, types and uses, and methods of application.
  • Basic Health & Safety. 
  • How to correctly apply silicon mastic.

During your training course please feel free to ask any questions you have, we actually welcome your questions, and remember there is no such thing as a `stupid` question! your training will not be rushed, but you will be pushed to realise your full potential, you will be allocated your own room from various rooms available, during your course you will work in various rooms and situations so to learn and understand various situations and problems, the walls and ceilings you will tile are of the same standard found in domestic homes, which truth be told are not flat, not square and generally out of shape, the difference between preparing and tiling existing wall / floors is huge.

Intensive Tiling course -  5 Day Content Breakdown

In depth discussions and demonstrations of materials, backgrounds, tools, setting out, mixing adhesives, general health and safety, basic setting out procedures, tile fixing procedures and tile types, this will all come with examples of problems that may be found with alternative and DIY ways of tiling. 

You will correctly start fixing your tiles after checks and setting out to the wall. 

You will now encounter openings, externals and internal angles, you will have discussions and demonstrations of how to cut tiles using various tools, cutters and equipment. This will lead to you using your new skills to cut tiles using methods shown. 

There will be discussions and demonstrations about tile trim types, you will learn how to cut fix and mitre using various methods, after which you shall cut and fix trim to your window reveals, and finish with cut reveal tiles. There will also be more discussions and demonstration on grouting types, techniques and procedures, you will then grout your finished tiling using the correct tools to achieve a 'high end' finished job. 

Discussion and examples of removal of tiles and the options available, you will then remove your wall tiles and prepare the wall ready for next student. This will be followed by setting out floor tiles and options available, cutting floor tiles around obstacles with options available, fixing techniques and options, you will lay and cut floor tiles to your floor.

After removing your floor tiles you will have discussions and demonstration of tanking systems and options available. End of course re-cap and distribution of course notes and awarding of Goldtrowel training certificate. 

Established in 1999
20+ year history of Training
Taught by experts
with years in the industry
Approved training
for fully accredited qualifications

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