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Tiling Courses near you

Finding tiling training courses near you can be confusing, because tiling courses vary in duration from 1 day taster courses to 2 year apprenticeship courses available from local colleges, so finding the course that suits your needs might not be so local, what you can learn from these courses will depend on the length of that particular course, learning how to tile in your own home can be learnt in just a few days or even for free from tiling video`s and course providers help pages like this one! 

Learn How to Tile - Help files

Tiling courses offered by Goldtrowel run from 1 - 20 days (see options below) we also offer free tiling advice in our tiling articles, some of these also show tiling images to compliment the tiling guide, however there is no comparison to attending a formal training course, which gives you a one on one training with a experienced wall and floor tiling expert, having this one to one with them allows you to ask questions at that point when you are unsure or struggling to complete that aspect of your tiling installation.

What type of tile

This file will help you decide what tiles to use and what tiles are made of.

How to set out tiles on a wall

This file will show you how to set out tiles correctly to walls in a standard bathroom.

Types of Tiling Adhesive

This file will help you how to choose tiling adhesives and how to use tile adhesive.

How to Tile

This file will help you plan your tiling job and help you avoid some of the problems.