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Tri Sodium Citrate - Plaster Retarder

Tri Sodium Citrate Plaster Retarder for all gypsum based plaster. this product will slow down your reaction giving more working time and opportunity for air release, mould filling or in the case of cornice manufacture the ability to mix two plaster mixes at once and complete the job in one go.

A very easy to use product requiring no extra additives, simply add 1 kg to a gallon of very hot water, mix until fully dissolved and allow to cool. The product may then be used. As with glue size, no specific mixing guide has ever been written for make up of this mixture, its very much each to their own and pot tests are needed.

Care MUST be used when employing Tri Sodium Citrate as a retarder in plaster mixes for one reason. Too much and you will fully inhibit the cure of the plaster, the nett result being a forever runny mix of white fluid! Therefore pot tests are essential to establish concentrations. As with size, use the same size pot every time so you add the same amount every time. Tri sodium is harmless and found in our own foods, it also doesnt smell like glue size! - Tony Maguire Plasterers Supplies