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Weekend Venetian Marble Plastering Courses will show you various marble plaster finishes that will give you the confidence to tackle some good size meterage and confidence during your course.

Those that have trained here with me know we mean business. We know all the trends on the market and it's an ideal opportunity to achieve some great finishes and at the same time save money by completing finishes for your customers.






Pictures Taken from Weekend Venetian Plastering Course



Note: This is a weekend course 2 days (Sat-Sunday)

  • We have approx 240 square metres of area to work with, you will practice on 6 sample boards first, before moving onto walled areas, it is important to work on sufficient size areas so to learn how to blend together your work.
  • You will also be able to achieve joining in previous polished plaster to existing, and also internal and external angles.
  • You will leave Goldtrowel confident and competent in all aspects of polished plastering having had the best training provided.       
  • We are calling this method " Venetian Marble polished plastering" because its referred to differently, some refer to this as marble plastering or marble plaster, polished plastering or polished plaster, Venetian plastering or Venetian plaster.
  • There are different finishes from smooth to textured; at Goldtrowel our courses are based upon the smooth Venetian finish using the traditional method of application.
  • The practical hands on marble Venetian polished plastering course covers:-
  • Introduction to and the use of tools, gauging & mixing marble plaster, trowel techniques, preparation & priming of surfaces, skimming the basecoat, plastering the topcoats of Venetian marble plaster, burnishing and polishing.
  • You will learn Marmorino and also the following finishes:-
  • Marmorino, (known as Stucco, Lucidato)
  • The course is very intense so please bring a notepad and pen, handouts are also given during the course.
  • The course is designed to give you sound knowledge of marble polished Venetian plastering  for use at home or site.
  • This unique opportunity to achieve something very different within the Construction Industry. There is no requirement to have any experience prior to attending our course as all training will be given during the course.


What Can We Do For You?

  • LISTEN to what you want
  • Help you create bespoke wall, ceiling and floor finishes for your project
  • Provide you with samples
  • Arrange on-site consultations to discuss your requirements
  • Offer advice on textures and colours
  • Give you costing regarding your project
  • Complete the application to the agreed time scale and quality you expect
  • Use environmentally friendly products